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DD1's dla medical tomorrow

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jetcat32 Sun 21-Jun-09 18:10:40

am soooo nervous its ridiculous!

Not so much nervous about the outcome (cant miss what we never had IYSWIM - the actual dla) but nervous about having someone at the house (havent been here long and its still --a tip-- getting sorted out.

ALso worried about how DD will cope with someone asking her about what she struggles with. I have actually spoke with the Dr as i needed to rearrange, and he agrees that after he has spoken with her a little bit, she can go upstairs while i explain in more detail. She gets so upset and embarrased when i have to explain that she just doesnt understand (for example) - bus stops, why she cant just get back on the same bus at the same stop where she got off, going the same way IYSWIM!

A few calming words (and poss words of wisdom) would be great.

jetcat32 Sun 21-Jun-09 18:11:31

and why cant i strike words out properly lol!

coppertop Sun 21-Jun-09 18:26:10

I don't have any experience or advice but just wanted to wish you and your dd the very best of luck for tomorrow. xx

bubblagirl Sun 21-Jun-09 18:30:21

i wish you luck again have no words of wisdom to give you just positive vibes

misscutandstick Sun 21-Jun-09 18:34:28

we've only had one medical so far <crosses everything and touches wood>, and that was for DS1 when he first applied when he was around 8y/o. THe doc that came only stayed for around 15mins, and that included the quickest physical ive ever seen and a few questions: ie does he sleep, I think IIRC it was roughly the same sort of questions on the form - can they dress themselves, etc. He asked DS1 only 2 or 3 Q's and me the rest.

We got the award for 3yrs about 2wks later.

Huge good luck for tomorrow.

ANd - for strikeout you have to put the double dashes either side of EACH word grin HTH XXX

jetcat32 Sun 21-Jun-09 19:01:46

thanks guys. I did apply years ago for her, on advice from the OT. But she was turned down, and i didnt have the energy to appeal.

This time round, i thought i was appealing, but turns out they are reconsidering after initially turning her down, following a letter from her consultant. I have the medical guide from the benefits and work site, so am trying to prepare myself for the possible quiestions. As well as highlighting certain parts from the school's report for her consultant.

Not sure how DD2 (2) is going to cope lol! Dr is coming right on her bed time, so she will be late to bed, but hopefully the novelty of having someone in the house will keep her entertained!

jetcat32 Mon 22-Jun-09 19:15:29

well it is all finished now. Not holding out much hope to be honest though, he seemed to concentrate more on her physical problem (which is well controlled now - not many care needs) than on her mental health ones. He was asking if she could physically walk - which seemed to be concentrated on high mobility, it was only at the end when i had to mention the need for guidance/supervision that he seemed to think that relevant for low mobility.

He did not that she had delayed reflexes, and she did struggle to talk with him - it took her a good few minutes to even tell him what day it was.

But, i will be amazed if this doesnt go to full appeal now

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