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can I have a proud Mummy moment

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paranoid2 Sat 20-Jun-09 12:39:28

My Dt's have just had their key stage 1 results. We are in NI where end of key stage 1 is P4 (equiv of yr3 in Eng). The attainment level expected in each subject is a 2 with approx 40% of children getting a 3
Dt1 was diagnosed last year as having ADD,DCD and associated moderate learning difficulties. We moved him to a MLD unit attached to MS last November. He got 2's in all areas and I am just so so pleased. He has worked very hard and the unit has been brilliant for him. Dt1 got all 3's which I am obviously thrilled about too but there is something special about Dt2 doing so well after getting a pretty poor EP report during the year.
Both Dt's have moved on to the next swimming level this morning too so feeling good atm.

Hope nobody thinks I'm bragging. Just so proud today.

paranoid2 Sat 20-Jun-09 13:45:33

meant Dt2 was diagnosed last year. Premature Summer babies also!

choccynutter Sat 20-Jun-09 20:28:13

thats all good and its good to brag when ur proud I have a son with asd so its great when they make a achivement xxx

hereidrawtheline Sat 20-Jun-09 21:03:09

That is lovely! You should be proud!

Frasersmum123 Sat 20-Jun-09 21:21:39

Thats great news - you have every right to be proud.

Widemouthfrog Sat 20-Jun-09 21:40:37

Brag away grin

paranoid2 Sat 20-Jun-09 23:34:20

Thank you smile

5inthebed Sun 21-Jun-09 08:14:07

Well done to your DT's grin no wonder you are so proud of them.

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