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Tongue excercises for speech

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Ellie4 Fri 19-Jun-09 20:36:07

Can anyone suggest different tongue and lip excercises to help improve speech. My ds1 is 2.9 and his pronounciation is very poor. I would like to do some excercises with him to help. He had tongue tie as a baby which was divided but it still looks like it is attached quite high up. He is quite sensitive to the touch of foods and frequently gags when eating. He cannot pucker up properly when giving a kiss so I guess we need to practice that too.
Many Thanks

zebramummy Fri 19-Jun-09 20:38:16

try this link for mr tongue and other useful stuff

mysonben Fri 19-Jun-09 21:00:54

here is a few:
lip games- blowing bubbles
-blowing cotton reels across table
-using straw to drink , plus offreing thickened milkshakes
-put choco spread on top lip and encourage child to remove it with bottom lip then do reverse
-blow out cheecks and let air escape through lips.

Tongue games - lick loolies, stamps, envelopes,..
-coat the back of a spoon with sticky food to lick it clean
-chew gum or dried fruit
-lick fun food (jam, honey,100s and100s,..) off a plastic plate
-look in mirroe and play a game of sticking out tongues

This is a few of the list that my ds'salt gave us to practise. Hope it helps.

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