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ok where do i start with the f**cking form....

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pickyvic Fri 19-Jun-09 11:38:01

ive got to renew DS DLA and now he is over 16 ive no idea where to start with this form....ive been putting it off. but thats not gonna work for much longer so im gonna have to get off my bum and start it....any tips from adults whove been awarded it or mums who are getting it for their adult aspies? im goint to have the weekend off then begin.....

deep breaths required.

misscutandstick Fri 19-Jun-09 14:05:54

huge <non>hugs of support, been there done that, chucked the t-shirt cos it was crap and didnt want to be reminded!

DS1 has been awarded till hes 18 now. He has ADHD and anxiety, and is very 'young'. Have you had someone pop round with some forms to sign to say that you can deal with his finances yet? if not, its usually within a few months of receiving DLA for someone over 16.

Advice? well i think cerebra has some good points on filling it out for someone over 16, and what the classifications are for which level of award. Although obviously MANY 16y/o are not capable of looking after themselves in a totally independant way, thats the sort of direction you have you take. For instance could he: manage his own financial affairs? can he clean and be hygenic? could he cook a meal? Can he get himself from A to B? could he be safe on his own? could he go to bed and get up when its time?

YOu have to compare to an independant adult (although a yuoung one) at this point. Give lots of examples of not coping/needing help, and use as many extra pages as you want to get your point across. Realistically, think to yourself, how on earth would he cope with life on his own???

pickyvic Fri 19-Jun-09 19:01:14

the answer to that is he wouldnt....i let him do beans on toast the other day and he left the hob on..he floats about in his own little world of extreme scattyness!
he never gets up without me. he never showers without me telling him. he has no idea about money at all, in fact he did flounce out of the house after a row the other week and he ended up at the YMCA - they rang me because they could tell he wasnt your "average" teen...he lasted 2 days before he came home (thank god!) and the woman who worked there phoned me daily until he came home with his tail between his legs. he is very "young" aswell. college have suggested he stays for 3 years instead of your usual 2 to give him chance to mature. ill start to gather my evidence i just hate filling the forms out but needs must i guess.....ill start next week!

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