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Searching for fellow mums in similar situation please - 20months GDD

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Mummy2710 Thu 18-Jun-09 23:01:57

My baby is 20months, not crawling, walking or saying any words yet. Babbles and uses his voice to make noises. He can sit up, get on the floor and roll over himself but can't get back up to a sitting position himself. He can't crawl yet although is going backwards a little when he tries! The paediatrician has put this down to GDD and we are going for blood test next week to make sure it is nothing more serious. Any other mums out there with babies of the same age going through the same thing? It is a little isolating when all the other children his age can do everything and he can't. Everyone keeps asking me why he doesn't crawl or speak and that they are 'suprised' that he can't do that by now. He is such a lovely little chap and so happy all the time.

Arabica Thu 18-Jun-09 23:17:25

Welcome! There are quite a few of us on here with children with GDD. DD is nearly 3 and walks well (slightly wobbly), babbles, and is beginning to copy some words. I do find other parents' attitudes a bit difficult sometimes, especially when they want to spout the inevitable one about so-and-so's baby not talking umtil 3, and now you can't shut her up.
Has your paed recommended some therapies for your DS? From what you have said I'd expect hom to be seeing a physio, an OT and a speech and language therapist, plus regular portage.
Blood tests can be useful but we have had all the tests available and there is still no diagnosis--probably never will get one now!

StillUnderThirthy Fri 19-Jun-09 01:29:02

Hi there,
24months old dd, also GDD. In fact an eval puts her at 25% delay. Does not talk, says only daddy envy, and walked finally at 18 months. For us we know why she has delays because of a difficult birth, but it does not make it easier. She had all the blood test done but to no avail.

Since we know from birth we are seeing a OT, PT & a few others, but sometimes I am not sure it helps that much.

Ok I am just reading myself and just sound so depressing...

What helps me is comparing her to her, and think about the present only, but it`s not always easy.

He is going to daycare?, some dc progress a lot through imitation.

So welcome!

Phoenix4725 Fri 19-Jun-09 06:08:23

hi and welcome my ds is a bit older than yours hes almost 4 but had GDD and functios more like 18 months -2 years , he walked at about 3 does not speak but thats a seprate issue but he does use makton to communicate but hes on the whole a happy little chap full of fun and mischief

Mummy2710 Fri 19-Jun-09 07:59:57

Hi, thank you so much for your replies. We have been ref to the speech therapist and physio. I don't know that portage is?

He goes to nursery one day a week while I am at work and loves it, he is very social and has never worried when I leave. That is the other problem, well I say problem but he is still in the 'baby' class for up to 15 months. They are moving him up to the next room in July which I think will be better for him as he can at least see the other toddlers walking and it might give him the idea!!! I agree with you stillunderthirty, I have to compare him to him, he is coming along each day trying new things just very very slowly in his own little way - most of the time no one else can see this except me. I also don't know what makton is...sorry, new to this.

Finally, what do you tell people when they ask or say 'isn't he even crawling yet'.

Phoenix4725 Fri 19-Jun-09 08:05:40

hi makton is a for of signing that can help head of frustrations with communication.

depends on a good day i might explain thats hes working on things just takes longer to get there ,on a bad day might be bit more snappy .Ds still needs help getting around at almost 4 and just waiting or his chair to come but no saying your ds iwll need at same age.

cant help with portage as its not available here but theres lots who do get it and reccomend it

Mummy2710 Fri 19-Jun-09 09:59:45

Thanks for the info pheonix4725, every tip helps, hope your chair comes soon.

Woooozle100 Fri 19-Jun-09 10:28:07

hi and welcome Mummy2710

My dd is 4 and although we did kind have a diagnosis v early on, she is still classed as having severe GDD

Re yr question about answering people who ask 'isn't he even crawling yet' I just give v short clipped answers (usually - no - but delivered in breezy way. No sad eyes from me) Then people wait for for me to elaborate and I just don't grin I used to - they used to get the full story but it wore me down going over and over it

I also found that when this sort of stuff got to me I avoided the situations (usually regular baby groups / stay and plays) and stuck with my SN / inclusive groups. DD went to KIDS (they ran an inclusive creche at the time so DD was still mixing with NT peers) and groups at the Child Development Centre.

lou031205 Fri 19-Jun-09 10:43:42

Hi Mummy2710,

My DD is 3.6, and has GDD & epilepsy. We have recently found out that she has abnormal folding of the brain surface, which may explain it.

She rolled, sat up & crawled late, and didn't walk until 23 months. We were told it was 'normal' but turns out not. She still doesn't walk too well now, 18 months after she first took steps. Balance is off, falls, trips & stumbles frequently.

Speech & Language is also delayed. Again I had been told 'normal' by my health visitor.

We now have a great consultant, and she has 1:1 at preschool.

Info on Portage here. It is a home based therapy with a worker who designs an individual plan to develop your child on a weekly/fortnightly basis (free service).

Mummy2710 Fri 19-Jun-09 16:42:42

Thanks, i think i will just say no as like you say you end up going over the whole situation with strangers at times and I am thinking why do I do it to myself.

I did go to a mother and baby group and tried Jo Jingles but it was too hard going, i had to hump him around (he is a big lad)and none of the other mothers (or leader) seemed the least bit interested in us so I stopped going, I just got the feeling that because he wasn't crawling/running around like all the others there was somthing wrong with us! The children were the nicest and are the sweetest to him whereever we go bringing him toys to play with. I would be interested in meeting some mums locally to me with babies with similar problems. Perhaps I will call my HV.

I am a very positive person most of the time about the situation and don't let my feelings show but from time to time it gets me down. I haven't used MN before and it really does help to talk with other mums who know what the feeling is like! Thank you.

mumgoingcrazy Fri 19-Jun-09 19:36:44

Another one here. My DD2 was 2 last week and has GDD. She is bottom shuffling everywhere, but cannot go from lying to sitting, or sitting to standing. Her rolling is questionable too ie she can if she wants to (I think).

She has weekly physio/OT/Portage/SALT not to mention endless appointments. Currently awaiting MRI results to see if we have a cause for this.

I generally try to stay clear of NT mums as it's too depressing, when it's just us I feel she makes good progress and I feel more positive. As soon as we're with her NT peers it hits me like a brick! sad

Anyway, keep posting here, the mums on here have helped me I don't know how many times. x

Arabica Sun 21-Jun-09 18:07:33

I think I am going to try the not explaining thing. As she is mobile (albeit wobbly), the question we get tends to be 'can't she talk yet?' I usually end up giving a lecture on GDD, glue ear and makaton to people who have just made a simple enquiry! No wonder nobody talks to us at drop-ins grin

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