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Statementing and changing schools?

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sadnog Thu 18-Jun-09 14:14:08

I am currently awaiting the first draft of DDs Statement but am wondering on what the protocol is on looking for new schools. I have already been to look at a special needs school but am concerned that if they say her needs can be met at mainstream school, I do not want her to stay at her current school as I feel they have already failed her. Can I approach other mainstream schools myself to see if they would have a place and be willing to take DD, or do I have to go through the LEA. Am also concerned regarding the time limits as I would obviously prefer her to start a new school in September and not half way through the next school year. Is this an unreasonable expectation being so close to the end of term already! She is in year 4 now. Would be grateful of any comments, I am really starting to panic.

daisysue2 Thu 18-Jun-09 14:19:33

I had a similar situation. My daughter was waiting for her statement and I called other mainstreams up. I asked if they had places and they said yes but they mysteriously disappeared when I told them I was waiting for a statement to come through. Has a school been named on the statement. Contact you case worker at the LEA.

sadnog Thu 18-Jun-09 14:31:46

I haven't even had a proposed statement yet, so no school named, I thought you could only name a school once you had accepted the statement? I rang LEA few weeks ago and they told me 4th July was latest date for proposed statement (I began this whole process November last year!!!). I can't believe how long it bloody takes. She has had to spend another year struggling and being unhappy at school. Surely this lengthy process is not in the childs best interests? I feel so bloody helpless. It worries me also, daisy, that once I tell them she has learning difficulties, the other mainstream schools that I would like to send her to will turn their back on her.

daisysue2 Thu 18-Jun-09 14:42:35

They probably will if you contact them now as she has no provision and the reality is they probably don't want her without the extra funding. But if they have the place I think they have to fill it if it's applied for. But ask your case worker this. Once statement comes through her own school may cope much better but it may be beyond that if I read between the lines. If you don't want to ask the case worker just call up a school you don't really want and just see what they say.

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