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is there a book i can buy to help DD with this ?

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freeasabird Thu 18-Jun-09 14:08:57


im looking for a book to explain to dd who is ASD why her dad doesnt live with us anymore.

we think she does know but is refusing to accept it,she refuses to go in his house,(she calls it his friends house)

she is only 5 and very very resistant to change, ive had a look on the NAS website but there doesnt seem to be anything on there.

im waiting till school finishes in 3 weeks then going to explain it to her,at the moment shes accepted that hes working long hours.

dreading it actually-telling her that is,DS knows and hes AS but hes coming up for 13 and has adjusted well.


BriocheDoree Thu 18-Jun-09 21:08:11

Can't help but bumping for you as it sounds tricky!

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