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Dyspraxia dx advice please?

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Peachy Thu 18-Jun-09 13:51:40

After school raised concerns about ds2 having dyspraxia and ADHD we ahve written off ADHD as of no real concern but have to admit he ticks almost every box on the dyspraxia foundation website

I'mnot new to SN obviously but have no idea how dyspraxia diagnoses happens. Is it done via a Paed like the asd bys? Or is there more of a focus on OT etc?

We ahve a meeting with SENCO next wek and I want to get the info ready to ask her for the referral.

siblingrivalry Thu 18-Jun-09 14:00:30

Hi Peachy. My dd has dyspraxia - now called Developmental Co-ordination Delay, apparently hmm

It was first flagged up by her OT, when she assessed dd's gross/fine motor skills and co-ordination. She has since received a lot of help from OT services for her dyspraxia eg loan of aids/bike-riding help. I think that OT's are the people to talk to, to be honest. Ours really knows her stuff.

It was confirmed by her Paed and by the psyc who assessed her for ASD.
HTH a bit. Good luck.

misscutandstick Thu 18-Jun-09 14:08:45

DS1's Dx of DCD came out of the blue as an add-on to ADHD, when he (finally!) had his multi-disciplinary assessment. Think it was the physio who popped in on the ever growing list.

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