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ds1 (4) query ASD - 2 weeks happiness and peace and now the biting has started again- why why why

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SunisShinin Wed 17-Jun-09 19:06:44

I just wish I knew what causes his underlying stress levels to rise. I know they have. Every day he is gradually more and more hyper, his temper is shorter and then we end up with a day like today where anything can set him off and he bites me, his brother, himself. Everything has been going so well at home, school says he's doing great and they don't think he's ASD at all. But right now he's running round the roomlike he's just drunk 8 cans of Red Bull babbling away not even real . Why, why, why.

bubblagirl Wed 17-Jun-09 19:16:50

it sounds sensory could you try trampoline or some time out in garden doing something i'm not an expert but my ds bites himself in sensory overload when he needs time out the trampoline was great we had one in his room so he can watch fave dvd and bounce out his frustrations

we dont make nim join us when he gets home we allow him so him time in his room to get over his day an dhe will come out when his ready sometimes not at all sometimes by tea time

ive been reassured its ok if he wants to be alone don't force him to join in when his ready he will

bubblagirl Wed 17-Jun-09 19:17:43

sorry for typos i have had few beers grin lol

LoveBuckets Wed 17-Jun-09 20:38:25

I've read on here that regression in behaviours often proceeds a bit of illness in some kids - might he be coming down with something?

bubblagirl Thu 18-Jun-09 08:50:50

i will second the illness thing with regressive behaviour so maybe just keep an eye that no colds, hayfever etc are coming

coppertop Thu 18-Jun-09 13:15:54

Is he tired at all? My ds turns into Hyper-Boy if he's been waking up in the night more often than usual. The lighter mornings don't help either.

Sometimes it can be due to an impending growth spurt or illness.

This time of year is when mine start to flag a bit. They have extra stuff going on at school (sports days, trips, visitors etc) and a lot of their energy is used up on coping with those things. It's also the general nearly-end-of-term tiredness that kicks in.

mysonben Thu 18-Jun-09 15:33:08

My ds is usually quite passive , but when he starts to get tired or when they is a change involving guests staying at our house or us going somewhere , he changes into this hyperactive little monster, he becomes defiant, challenging ...a total nightmare! shock At the moment it's bad as he sleeps badly due to the hot weather.
Could it be over tiredness or any change at all ?

daisysue2 Fri 19-Jun-09 14:33:31

Would second bubblagirls comments. My DD used to bite due to sensory overload and gets hyper. Trampolines are great or climbing. Hanging off monkey bars or even banister. Mini trampoline in front of TV if a rainy day. Baths help massively. But mainly she collects bugs to calm herself down after school or at lunchtime if its all been too much. This can seem like as Autistic trait but really it's due to sensory overload and she uses it as away of shutting down from the outside stimulation. She comes home and takes her bucket and finds rolly pollys it helps to calm her down.

Also chewing gum is great or those toffee wafer biscuits which was actually suggested by OT and really help. Brushing is great. Press ups against a wall or the ones you do with your arms against a chair. Even star jumps. We have a massive punching bag in our kitchen. It comes in really handy for me too when they are getting on my nerves. Its funny what you get used to living with. But she punches it, runs into it, hangs off it. If he is like my DD he is seeking stimulation and doesn't know how to get the sensory feedback he needs. OT can help but hard to get referal and may take long time. Read some of the postings on here about sensory diets.

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