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DS is always so hyper at the moment! it's crazy

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mysonben Tue 16-Jun-09 21:54:44

Gee, since dd (nearly 14 m) has mastered the art of running with excitement when we chase her and climbing on the sofa ,ds (3 1/2, asd) has been getting more and more hyper , he will not stop chasing her while screaming with glee, or shouting and climbing , jumping doing his chimpanzee act with her on the sofa. It is like watching a couple of clowns at the circus. And i'm on high alert because he doesn't care if he is squashing dd when he jumps around. Result they are both completely excited and ds just will not calm down , i had 2 hours of it this evening.

Of course no matter how much i tell him to get down or to leave dd alone , he totally ignores me or half kind of stop for starting again a minute later. I know he can understand what i'm asking but he is soooo stubborn and defiant when he gets hyper. He is driving me round the bend at the moment.

I am pleased he is enjoying dd's company and likes to rough and tumble with her , but that 's all he does ! when he is back to his beloved trains and cars he doesn't want to play /share anything with her. In fact he loves playing with his cars on the edge of the sofa and he screams if she or even me or dh sit on the seat next to his cars. the sofa belongs to him and that's it!

What should i do to encourage him to interact with her in other ways than rough and tumble?

5inthebed Wed 17-Jun-09 09:10:04

I wish I could help with this, as I know I'll be in the same situation when Ds3 is more mobile (he is 6 months). DS2 has a tendancy to suash ds3's head against the floor with his own head when trying to interact with him and it always ends in tearssad

DS3 loves being in his walker, but ds2 always takes him out the room and shoves him away into a corner somewhere as if he wants to remove him from his space.

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