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where do i go from here?

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jetcat32 Tue 16-Jun-09 19:47:50

i have had a meeting with DD1's consultant today, mainly for her kidney problems. At our last meeting, he requested a report from her school, re concerns over her social skills etc.

I got this report today, and on reading it, he said he would refer DD to community paeds, to see if further assessment is necessary.

I have a copy of the report, and it basically confirms my guess that DD doesnt interact at all with her peers. Each individual subject teacher was asked to comment, and every single one said the DD WILL NOT interact with other children in the class, and if anyone tries, will put her head down on desk and 'give up'. The consultant today said that some children just prefer to be quiet, but surely - some interaction should be expected?

Report also said that DD is way too quiet - will speak when prompted by teachers, but in a very, very quiet voice, and very hesitant. ANd only to teachers.

Most of the teachers also comment on DD's keeness to do extra homework - and yes she is keen. She not only does what is set for her class, but will also find more on the internet. Dont get me wrong, this is good (to some extent) but she becomes extremely obsessed with it all.

I have been toying with the idea of a private dx, as since the dx of a sensory processing disorder, nothing much seems to have been done. I can also claim half of the money back for that, so although it will be a stretch to initally find the money, at least i know i will get some back!

I know that this seems minor compared to some of the wonderful kids that other (equally wonderful) posters have on here, but as DD is getting older, life seems to be getting harder for her, as she is expected to do more and more on her own, which she simply cant manage!

jetcat32 Tue 16-Jun-09 22:11:33

anyone have any thoughts? (please)

TotalChaos Tue 16-Jun-09 22:15:44

I would hang fire on the private DX until you've heard what the community paed has to say. have you any concerns about her communication with others outside the school setting? are you happy with her use and understanding of language? just wondering if it could be some sort of anxiety related problem, like selective mutism if she communicates well with you/family but not at school....

jetcat32 Tue 16-Jun-09 22:35:48

she is very anxious, but has communication problems with everyone. When she was little, she had years of speech therapy, to try and encourage her to talk, and what came out of that was that her brain couldnt process what she wanted to say quick enough. Nowadays, she is aware she is very slow at speaking, lots of pauses, repeats words, and feels the need to explain everything. For example, if she mentioned her school book was on the table, she would stop talking about the school book, and give a detailed description of the table - then go back to the school book. No wonder she gets confused and forgets what she is talking about!!

This is both at home and school. Re her understanding, she does understand what is being said, but when following instructions, she needs them explained over and over, and broken down into simple steps.

(thanks for replying - i always worry that i shouldnt be posting here!)

TotalChaos Tue 16-Jun-09 23:03:54

please feel free to post here, it's a mixed bag of posters dealing with kids with all sorts of problems.

to me, it sounds like she could do with being referred back to SALT as well as the paed to look at her communication and social skills. I think it really does take an expert to be able to unpick how much any remaining language difficulties may be behind her unwillingness to talk to the other children, or how much it be other factors around social skills. do you think that paed will be looking at whether or not she might be on the autistic spectrum? btw do school try to use any visual aids/timetables with her to help her understand what to do?

jetcat32 Wed 17-Jun-09 07:41:41

thanks TC. I didnt know kids her age could be referred to SALT, will chase that up thanks. The Ed Psych has previously worked on a circle of friends with her, to try and improve her social skills - didnt really work. She just wanted to please the adults.

My nephew is on autism spectrum, with quite severe aspergers. I know that DD1 doesnt have as many needs as he does, but they do share a lot of similar traits. I am hoping that the paed will be looking at it, as i am not sure i will have the confidence to say that i want her assessing for it - he may just think i have been googling and self-diagnosing!!!

School have gave her a visual timetable, which helps a little, but she still forgets where she is supposed to be (which classroom etc - esp when it is the same subject but in a different class/teacher).

She has problems with her motor skills as well, which causes her to be even slower in lessons like food tech, where she cant use the knife to cut up her food. Like i said in my last post, the fact that most of the other kids in her class can chop an onion just upsets her, as she knows she is expected to be able to as well. I think i am pushing for any kind of dx so that i can actually give her a reason why she struggles with these things, rather than her simply thinking she just isnt good enough sad

TotalChaos Wed 17-Jun-09 07:44:55

how old is your DD? I know in my city SALT go out to high schools, so wouldn't have thought age would be a problem. what you say about motor skills problems is very worth mentioning to the paed - motor skills problems can be an issue on their own, or part of another problem such as dyspraxia or autism. I would also considering looking for an OT (occupational therapy) referral for the motor skills problems.

jetcat32 Wed 17-Jun-09 10:39:13

thanks again TC. She is 12. She last had input from the OT when she was in Y2, it was her who diagnosed the sensory processing disorder.

Am going to try and complile a report myself for the community paed, as i always forget everything once i walk through the door! Every time we go DD has to have blood pressure checked and provide a water sample, which stresses her out, which then stresses me - and that is even before we start talking to the paed!

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