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educational support and fecking tempory contracts! aaagh!

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drlove8 Tue 16-Jun-09 15:37:35

sad. have just found out that dd4's support assistant at nursery wont be there for her next term! Nursery teacher( the one who doesnt like kids hmm) told me that he's looking for a new job, she "forgot" to tell me why.The feckin school only gave him a tempory contract and wont renew it so DD4 will have to have someone new for starting again after the holidays! angry.I've just spent the morning phoning round like a loon everyone connected to education and SN that i can think of and getting nowhere. School head teacher has just phoned me back telling that DD is going to have someone to support her, but they dont know who yet?hmm. How many times do i have to tell them that dd4 does not respond well to change?, that she likes her routen . This will have an adverse affect on her.... im fearful she'll regress back into herself and all the progress she's made recently will be lost!- the Head Teachers reply was oh I see, well i supose we could give DD4 a picture/photo of her new teacher-assistant then. WTF a photo? , they dont even have anyone in mind yet! fookin twunts!----- sorry for ranting, schools drive me nuts at times! aaaarrrrghh!(sad thing is this is supposed to be the best Mainstrem school for sn kids in the area..... wish she'd went to the SN one now ...sad

drlove8 Tue 16-Jun-09 15:40:03

forgot to add dd4 has gdd/suspected autism, and wont manage at nursery without help.

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