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How to help pupil with ADHD

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Shazzler Wed 11-May-05 22:37:00

I have just registered as a relief worker for schools. I started my first job this week as a Learning Support Auxilary.

I am to work with a boy with ADHD and am finding it difficult to get through to him. He is fine for a while and we seem to get on and he works well for me. (He is bright and has no problem with his work.) Then, suddenly it is as if a switch is flicked and he will do nothing I ask him.

His teacher is a supply teacher and really does not have control over her class and has basically said that she wants nothing to do with this boy.

Does anyone have any ideas or advice for me for tomorrow?

Shazzler Wed 11-May-05 22:42:51

Anyone out there with some help?

thedogmother Wed 11-May-05 22:46:52

Shazzler, I also work with a boy with ADHD and verbal dyspraxia. He is on Ritalin, and you can really tell when his medication is starting to wear off. Is this when he seems to switch off by any chance?

I don't really think there's much you can do. Try to get the important stuff done while he is communicative, then maybe play games or go on the computer at other times.

Good luck. It's definitely a challenge.

thedogmother Wed 11-May-05 22:47:32

Also, hopefuly you will be getting help in the future from professionals, who will be able to give you lots of advice on dealing with a child with ADHD.

Shazzler Wed 11-May-05 22:48:14

He has his Ritolin at 12 noon. I am not sure how long it lasts for. He is definately worse in the afternoon.

Shazzler Wed 11-May-05 22:49:09

He also seems to be getting a lot of punishments for various things at the moment. Does this work or is praise for the good work better?

thedogmother Wed 11-May-05 22:55:48

The boy I work with (age 7) is terrible at around 11.30, then has his ritalin at noon and is much better for most of the afternoon.

I'm not sure how much effect "punishment" will actually have. Remember, he can't help what he is doing and feeling. Much better to have praise and rewards. How old is he? We have a reward system, very simple but effective. We have several "shoe" laces, and thread animal shapes (pre-bought) on to them. It's an instant, recognisable reward. When the lace is full, he goes to see the headmaster for a treat/certificate/whatever. Animals come off the lace for bad/unacceptable behaviour.

SoBlue Thu 12-May-05 19:44:09

My ASD ds gets very hyperactive so finds it difficult to concentrate. He has a workstation seperate from the others to reduce stimulation/distractions. Motivators are used to encourage him to keep at each task, these are usually his favorite toys as he's 4. He gets a set time to play with them after each task. He has a finnish box where it goes when times up. It seems to work

happymerryberries Thu 12-May-05 20:17:17

Can I ask if you know what he eats at lunch time? I once worked with a boy with ADHD. In the mornings he could be OK but the afternoons were jsut awful. He would drink lots of additive rich pop and eat mars bars.

Davros Fri 13-May-05 09:10:21

Poor boy, who is giving him all these punishments? Lots of good ideas here. I don't know much about ADHD but you might find using some visual strategies useful, showing what's coming next, how much there is to do, when something's finished etc, token/reward system, lots of positive reinforcement. Def worth thinking about food at lunchtime and scheduling of medication (although you prob can't do much about that). Does he have a home/school book, that could be useful to track things like food, patterns, triggers etc.

Shazzler Wed 18-May-05 21:31:17

Thanks for all your help. I have been busy so not been on for a while.

Apparently the boy (9) is acting up because thinks he can get away with things because there is a lot of change at the school just now. It must be difficult for him. I just don't know what I am allowed to do and what I am not. I finish this week but I have enjoyed it and would be happy to work there again.

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