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Any ideas what I can cook for DS2's class cake sale on Tuesday?

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sphil Sun 14-Jun-09 22:26:17

He is on a gf/cf diet and is also allergic to eggs and nuts.Normally I'd just do a batch of something easy and not take him, but he is noticing stuff so much more now and DS1 will want to go. I'd like to make something he can actually eat - and that the other kids will like too, hopefully. So that probably rules out cakes - all the gf/cf/egg free ones I've tried have been disgusting.

I was thinking about some kind of bar/traybake using gf cereal - but need a recipe, as if I try to make things up they usually end up crawling out onto the oven floor where they turn into a blackened, hardened mess...

silverfrog Sun 14-Jun-09 22:56:46

there was a recipe in the AiA cookbook (I think, or maybe the Diet Intervention one, one of Marilyn Le Breton's anyway) for a flapjack/fruit bar type thing (could I be any vaguer grin)

have no idea where my copy is, and have never made it, but I did make a mental note once upon a time to try it...

silverfrog Sun 14-Jun-09 22:58:33

is a total egg free recipe you're after - I mean, is there no decent egg substitute?

my usual standby is Nigella's clemnetine cake, but obv not suitable.

what about those cakes that use stuff like courgette, or beetroot? aren't they used instead of egg? will have a google, hang on.

silverfrog Sun 14-Jun-09 23:02:42

courgette cake recipe here - look ok at a quick glance

wigglybeezer Mon 15-Jun-09 00:38:28

Couldn't you do chocolate crispies with GF cornflakes or rice crispies and GF/CF choc, not very sophisticated I know but bound to be popular with kids.

magso Mon 15-Jun-09 09:46:34

Not GFCF here so forgive possible blunders - how about Flapjacks but substituting the butter (350g porridge oats/55g golden syrup or honey, 125gm lightbrown sugar, 70g raisins if liked ( or sunflower seeds) 175g butter but substitute with ?marg/oil? dissolve sugar fat and syrup together gently in pan, take off heat and mix in oats etc - press into tin- put in oven 180/gas mark 4. 25mins)

I seem to remember a butterfree cereal bar made using coconut cream instead of condenced milk cant find the recipe.
My gran used to make rice crispie cakes without the butter or syrup - just melting chocolate ( she used cadburys fruit and nut which is no good for you) and adding rice crispies or cornflakes.

sphil Mon 15-Jun-09 11:04:56

Thanks everyone. The courgette cake looks lovely but too many ingredients/effort for something he probably won't eat anyway! I wonder if I could make a flapjacky thing from Magso's recipe substituting the oats for gf rice puffs? I seem to remember you can melt marshmallows and put them in too - they're gf/cf according to packet.

Will have a try...

sphil Wed 17-Jun-09 11:47:45

Well I made marshmallow crispie cakes using a box of gf cereal, 200g of marshmallows and 50g Flora. They went down a storm and PTA have now asked if I can do a batch for every cake sale and label them gf/cf. I don't mind at all as they only took 5 mins to make - and apparently a number of parents of children with allergies and/or SN were avoiding the sales because there was nothing their kids could eat - so it wasn't just me.

magso Wed 17-Jun-09 12:41:19

Glad it went well! My turn to do cake making now ( school fete on Saturday) and as some of ds classmates are GFCF I might steal your idea. Thanks!

sphil Wed 17-Jun-09 19:53:42

Ooh - one tip - keep the melted marshmallow/marge mixture on a very low heat while you mix in the cereal - it turns to a stringy, sticky toffee-like substance very quickly! As DH found out when he washed up the saucepan wink

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