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dd wants a bike, but cannot pedal. Her balance is also not so good. Anyone seen a like-a-TRIKE anywhere?

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silverfrog Sun 14-Jun-09 20:38:04

title just about says it all, really.

dd1 has become really interested in tricycles/scooters. we have a cheapo trike, which she is far too big for, and she gets her feet all tangled up in the pedals when she wedges herself into it.

we have a scooter (for dd2 really), and she can just about propel herself along with it, but her balance is not brilliant, and so she is quite slow (and she gets her feet stuck again, on the rear wheels as she pushes along)

what she needs is a bigger version of toddler ride on toys, eg as she is quite tall.

anyone seen anyhitng suitable?

glitteryb6 Sun 14-Jun-09 21:22:36

cant think of a big trike except the ridiculously expensive SN ones but what about a balance bike, would she put her feet out to steady herself?
also no pedals to get feet caught up in?

glitteryb6 Sun 14-Jun-09 21:26:06

this didnt sell recently on ebay ds's cost over £1500 so would be a bargain to someone

silverfrog Sun 14-Jun-09 21:32:57

a balance bike wouldn't quite work (but would be a good start, i suppose) as she can't tie up the balance/steering/propulsion and get ti working together...

the Sn trike does look a bargain, but again, she'd get ehr feet in the way of the pedals, really, as she wants to "walk" it along.

will have another google and see what I come up with...

Widemouthfrog Sun 14-Jun-09 21:49:51

You can walk along on a balance bike too. It may be worth a try - do you know anyone who has one who could let you try one out?. My DS started by walking his along until he got more confident and began to scoot it and balance.

silverfrog Sun 14-Jun-09 21:56:22

that's exactly what I need - to borrow one, and see how she goes, but don't know anyone with one!

My gut feel, form seeing her on a scooter, is that she can't handle the wobbliness of a bike, even walking it along. Any slight tip, and she feels unsafe, slows down'stops, and the whole hting falls apart.

that's why I wondered about a like-a trike, but have only found one version, which I fear might be too small for her (or soon would be), as well as being on the expensive side - here. my worry is that it says over 5 (she is 5 in August) depending on size, and she is a big girl! So I think we'd be back to where we are at the moment - if the saddles goes high enough for her ot be comfortable, then her knees will be wedged under the handle bars, and if we keep the saddle lower (and therefore furhter back), her feet will bump the rear wheels as she pushes...

humph. maybe I'm being a bit pfb grin

I should just let her get on with it with a balance bike, shouldn't I?

But hse does get so discouraged if she even wobbles on the scooter...

glitteryb6 Sun 14-Jun-09 22:09:01

toys r us have a metal balance bike, maybe you could try it instore?

glitteryb6 Sun 14-Jun-09 22:12:51

also evans cycles have balance bikes which they say are suitable up to 110cm

wrinklytum Sun 14-Jun-09 22:18:05

Does your dd have physio?Ours recvently proposed to get dd a bike and was looking at funding from a local charity.I think the company Quest 88 ???? Who do a lot of walkers and so on alos have a range of sn bikes (sorry,have no link would have to Google.)

Debs75 Sun 14-Jun-09 22:35:19

Give Quest88 a try or They do a trike suitable from age 2 with all the usual supports and such. They also are good at assessing and finding alternatives

knickerstootight Sun 14-Jun-09 23:15:24

hiya, i've been looking for a bigger trike with no pedals for my ds nearly 3. came across this one [[]]. the yellow one, suitable 4-6 years, still expensive though.

knickerstootight Sun 14-Jun-09 23:20:54 oops!

LollipopViolet Mon 15-Jun-09 12:04:28

What about a hand cycle or something similar if pedalling is an issue? No idea really but have seen static ones in gyms (and used one, very easy) but no idea of cost/suitability or whether they're meant as an attachment to a wheelchair....I am pretty useless really aren't I? :O

monstermansmum Mon 15-Jun-09 12:12:54

I have a bike from Ikea sitting unused in the garden if you can collect it? It has removable pedals (we have them soomewherehmm) and stabilisers. It was bought for my ds for the same reasons as yours but hes way toooooo big for it. You are welcome to have it to try if you think it would be suitable. From age 2-6ys aprox. I live in Bolton. (near Manchester)

We are now getting a ride on/trike made for us by the Cerebra Innovation Centre-spoke to them this moring and we should have it in time for the 6wk hols grin been waiting since December.

monstermansmum Mon 15-Jun-09 12:14:44

Does anyone know how I could contact the ebay seller of the Tomcat Trike-wouldnt have minded having a look at it. I dont do Ebay so I have no idea if this is even possible. hmm

glitteryb6 Mon 15-Jun-09 12:56:54

you need to be a member (its free to join) then click on the feedback profile for the member here it is then click on the contact member link on the right hand side and you can send them a message
apparently they are in Evesham, Worcestershire

MumOfThreeMonkeys Mon 15-Jun-09 13:19:59

I BOUGHT A MISSION TRIKE FOR DD2 ABOUT 8 WEEKS AGO FROM, she is nearly 5 and this trike should last her til she's bout 12, it come with parent handle and pedels that u can strap there feet into- my dd couldnt even ride a toddler trike but 2 weeks on this and she's racing away by herself- still hasent mastered the steering thou, it was expensive roughly £400 but i think you can get funding for it from some charitys, i bought it with my dd backdated DLA.



Lauree Thu 18-Jun-09 23:18:52

I'm not sure if this will help you, but i had the same concerns with my son, 5 years old very big for his age, but has no balance and very low muscle tone.

He can't use a scooter, and I was looking for a trike, but they are soo expensive, and hard to get one big enough.

I looked at like-a-bikes but none of them were big enough, so in the end we got a second hand ordinary bike, and took it to a bike shop to have the pedals taken off. at least it didn't cost the earth if he doesn't get on with it.

Right now, DS is keen, but hasn't really got the hang of it. . .just walking the thing along so far, but I'm confident he will get the idea eventually.

Maybe you could get a bigger trike and just have the pedals taken off??

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