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Finally getting somewhere with support of ds1 and hypermobility!

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ChopsTheDuck Sat 13-Jun-09 07:25:08

After the fiasco at the GP last week I was terrified the OT was going to discharge ds1 yesterday.

But it was brilliant grin He has improved in terms of his dyspraxia slightly, but she has recomended at least two blocks of therapy to start immediately. He is going back to the physio to discuss the pain, and see if they can help. Recomendations are being made to the school that they need to start providing equipment for him.

Also she is going to find out how to get a wheelchair referral for him, or make it if she can do it! grin They are also assessing him for something else which I'm hoping comes back clear (somethign to do with visual perception?) but at least it will get supported if he does have a problem.

I'm so chuffed, but still feelign slightly odd at the same time. It seems that I put all the energy into trying to get him what he needs, then when they agree I feel shocked, and I'm thinking 'Bugger, he really is that bad!' sad
It is lovely to have a positive outcome at last though. He seems to have been shoved from pillar to post with no real help for so long.

I'm torn between not bothering to go back to the gp at all (due back for check up on his hips), or going back and blowing a big raspberry at her!

oneforward20back Sat 13-Jun-09 23:42:48

Glad you had some .... insert correct word here (my brain is currently failing me- sorry blush).

It is very tempting to blow raspberry but might not help if need to see her again at somepoint

<blows angry raspberry for you>

Understand this frustration at medical profession. Ours have failed to be anything but critical and pass buck to education system ?!?

Glad someone is sitting up and saying I can help! grin It is the best feeling when you finally get the help you need, but understand the shock at realtity though.

cory Mon 15-Jun-09 20:30:58

Oh I am glad that somebody is doing something. Of course it's a bit of a mixed feeling for you, but you will start feeling better once you see how much more he can achieve with the proper aids.

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