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Social Services? Respite?

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lou031205 Fri 12-Jun-09 13:06:08

At DD1's last appt, the consultant advised us to ask Social Services for respite, and said that he would refer. The letter he sent also advised that we contact direct.

First contact was to a call operator, who asked why I wasn't using a childminder.

Today a SW phoned, and her first comment was that they were unlikely to be able to offer any respite.

I was advised to contact homestart - we already have HS 2 hours per week.

I asked if the issue was a lack of funds, and she said that it almost certainly was, and that her manager had said that we wouldn't be given respite. DD1 has two younger siblings, and is 3.6.

She asked if we got DLA for DD1, and I said that we did. She then asked if I was aware that DLA could be used to pay for a childminder shock.

I replied that the DLA is DD's money, it is kept in a separate bank account and does not form part of our family resources. I said that I really didn't think a 3 year old should have to pay for her own care!

She said that that was "debateable". She would send some leaflets about different organisations that I could perhaps ask for help from.

I said that I was under the impression that as a disabled child DD1 qualified for a child in need assessment, and was this possible? She then got quite formal, and said that if I was asking for a CIN assessment, she would have to pass it on to her manager to decide if they would assess, and to be aware that if it is deemed that my family give enough support, then she won't get any help.

My parents HAVE to help, because I just can't cope with DD1 and her sisters on my own all day every day. Just the preschool run is a living nightmare if I have to walk with all 3 of them. So my parents have been bringing their car to my house each morning to let me use it to take DD1 on her own.

DH is up with DD1 in the early hours every night, and then goes on to a full day's work. I can't deal with her because I have an 8 week old to feed in the night.

Can anyone shed a bit of light as to what SS should be doing? Surely I shouldn't be having to use DD1's DLA to fund respite care? And what CM would be able to provide the level of supervision DD1 requires?

summitstar Fri 12-Jun-09 13:27:17

YOu are entiled to an assessment, that is your right but SS dont have to provide any kind of service if they feel you can be adaquately supported by family members, community resources and other services that are jotted about around the place.

What kind of respite are you looking for?

lou031205 Fri 12-Jun-09 13:52:17

I'm not really sure, summitstar. What would be really handy is having an extra pair of hands to stop DD1 getting herself into trouble when I am tied down with DD3.

sarah293 Fri 12-Jun-09 15:20:58

Message withdrawn

lou031205 Fri 12-Jun-09 15:39:21

Thanks Riven. I know that DD1's caring needs are nothing like that of your DD, but I think we should get some assistance, even if only 2 hours per week. The SW made me feel guilty for even asking.

sarah293 Fri 12-Jun-09 15:43:07

Message withdrawn

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