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seeing things that arent there!!!??? whats going on?!

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jennybensmummy Fri 12-Jun-09 12:06:11

My son (3 and a half, autism, no imagination at all and very low understanding) has started seeing things that just arent there, he points at the sky for example and says its a man or pointing at a bush and saying theres a dog, he keeps insisting he is seeing these things that blatently are not there!!! the portage woman thinks it might be attention seeking but im not convinced as some of the times it is when were playing something happily and it just comes from nowhere!!! He certainly can not be imagining it as he has no imagination at all, he struggles with the simplest of imaginitive play and really just wouldnt have the capacity to imagine there being a man in the sky!! please tell me someone elses child has done this??????? im trying to just ignore it to a certain extent by kind of responding oh yes etc rather than giving him attention in case she is right and it is attention seeking but im just not convinced its that! help!!

Peachy Fri 12-Jun-09 12:14:04

Hiya jennybens

DS3 has bizarre beleifs / ideas that exist way beyongd the limits of his abioity also, for him its taklking about his 3 mums etc, we're awaiting Psych support with this atm.

So it would seem that there's similarities if not idential.

however, I would eprsonally chat to the Paed as the way I understand it very occasionally seeing things can signpost other things.

jennybensmummy Fri 12-Jun-09 12:23:22

oh thanks, glad bens not the only one who does things like this, we have been referred to cahms so might mention it to them when we see them if he is still doing it, im hoping its just a phase but we will see, it just panicked me really! how old is your ds3?

Peachy Fri 12-Jun-09 12:27:06

DS3 is almost 6, but very toddler like in many ways and fairly passive in his ASD.

jennybensmummy Fri 12-Jun-09 12:34:22

ben is 3 and a half but very immature too, he is still finding the peek-a-boo game fasinating bless him so i really think telling me this morning that there was a fish on his knee is well beyond his imagination to be honest lol. he is at preschool shortly so i must remember to mention it to his one to one and get her to keep an eye out for it happening there he just keeps doing it and i wonder if its like hallucinations or something?! ben is so hyper i am sure he will get a diagnosis of adhd too he has constantly got to be moving and needs attention and contact all the time yet is still so autistic too, he is really violent and harms himself too so i am hoping he doesnt decide he needs to beat up these "people/things" he sees?!? dont know what i would do if he did!

Peachy Fri 12-Jun-09 17:27:30

You know, ds1 was ridiculously hyper at that age and thats settled down somewhat now, you might find it does too? Same with ds3 in fact, remembering it, though he still only sits for his obesssions (anything computer game related).

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