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does anyone want some pecs symbols??

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jennybensmummy Fri 12-Jun-09 11:39:40

I have some cards laminated etc all different to the type we use. we use makaton symbols (black and white line drawings) whereas these are like colour pictures, not for starting out they are more like "take your medicine" and "dont hit the dog" and this kind of thing so not just drink, biscuit etc etc though i think there may be a few of that kind too. I bought them absolutely ages ago on ebay and have since been using the makaton ones through our salt and portage etc so have never used these and they have been sat in a box for ages, im guessing there is about 50 of them. If you want to know more about what they are of etc let me know. Im happy to post them to anyone who wants them just let me know!!

I also have some cd's of symbols similar to this which we dont use they also have some other resources etc on which i can copy for anyone if you like, if i can work my rewriter (im hopeless at it but will work it out if anyone wants it!) these i also bought on ebay and have never used!!

SJisontheway Fri 12-Jun-09 13:44:06

If no one lese in interested I would be keen. At the moment we are using objects of reference with DD - the next step will be pecs which we're hoping to start soon, but haven't got anything yet. Only problem is I am in Ireland. I wonder can you post cash on delivery from UK to Ireland? email address is if you are happy for me to have them. Thanks

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