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Am so mad!

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sphil Fri 12-Jun-09 11:05:31

Just found out that DS2's teacher at his old school told another mum (whose child is still there) that she used to 'feel sorry' for DS2 at lunchtimes because he was on a gf/cf diet - apparently he used to eye up other kids' lunchboxes jealously hmm. She made the comment as part of a discussion on restricted diets - this mum has decided not to go down the gf/cf route (rightly imo, as her son is very very self-restricted and obsessive about food). I think the teacher was probably trying to make her feel better about her decision. I would be surprised if DS2 did much eyeing up - he only ever goes for other people's crisps and he always has those in his lunchbox anyway.

I am furious - and feel undermined as well. Hardly anyone in my 'SN circle' here does special diets /supplements and I do feel that we're seen as a bit 'cranky', especially as we do all the extra home programme stuff as well. I know I shouldn't care, but it just makes me feel that people are saying behind my back 'poor DS2 - they do all these things with him to make themselves feel better but it's not actually having any effect'.

This teacher is moving to DS2's school next year - I get on well with her and have always regarded her as supportive and professional.

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