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I wonder if we could have a thread for the doubting dads and reluctant relatives

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lingle Fri 12-Jun-09 09:49:15

I think that a lot of family relationships can become very strained at the time of assessment and diagnosis. I also think that those feelings of the doubting dads (mums?) and reluctant relatives have value.

I believe that the feelings may be more worthy of a hearing than the phrase "in denial" implies and it might help to learn more about them.

I wonder whether the quasi-medical terminology by professionals used can put barriers between the different people who love the child at the time they most need to work as a team.

It would be nice if anyone described in the thread title felt able to speak here.

5inthebed Fri 12-Jun-09 10:09:11

That sounds like a gret idea Lingle. Would be lovely to hear the other side of things.

mysonben Fri 12-Jun-09 10:44:31

Great idea! I will talk to my dh about it. Not sure if he'll want to but it's worth asking.

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