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PECS advise please, I'm so confused (again!)

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mumgoingcrazy Thu 11-Jun-09 18:47:25

I seem to be starting threads about PECS all the time now but I'm so confused and know many of you use it and might be able to help.

DD2 is almost 2, we started PECS about 3 weeks ago and is doing really well. She's totally got the exchange and is now discriminating between 5 activities and 5 foods consistantly. We are having SALT visits every week until Sept when she starts SN school, and last week (having only done PECS for 2 weeks) the SALT started getting her to use the sentance strip with the symbols she knows well. She needs lots of prompting and hasn't managed to do this on her own yet. My Portage teacher was with us during this session and later said to me she was concerned with how the SALT was teaching us and thinks the sentance strip is way too advanced and to stick to exchanging and discriminating. The SALT is also going to skip the travelling part (DD2 bottom shuffles so could travel a short way before forgetting what she was meant to be doing), whereas the Portage teacher thinks she definately needs to be able to do this before starting school.

I've got 'A Pictures Worth' which is excellent.

I'm rambling now, but who should I listen to? I'm inclined to go with the Portage teacher who uses just 'pure' PECS whereas the SALT varies it. Or, shall I follow the book and ignore them both?

DD2 is starting to be verbal, she has said many words in the past but now we are getting a few consistant ones. I don't know if this is PECS or she was going to say them anyway.

Thanks for reading if you've made it this far smile, any advise greatly appreciated, I really don't want to mess this up.

juliaw Thu 11-Jun-09 20:23:16

sorry can't help as we are just starting PECS, but had a thought - is it worth contacting the SN school and asking them for advice - most SN schools have outreach services - you could say you have been given conflicting advice and also that you want to follow the system they will use when she starts school.

mumgoingcrazy Thu 11-Jun-09 20:48:47

Thanks Juliaw, that is a very good idea, however our SALT is the SALT that works at the SN school and she trains the teachers in PECS. My gut feeling is that our Portage teacher (who also goes the the SN school often) is right, and we should be following it to the letter to get maximum benefit. She said there is no way the school would be doing the sentance strip with her. I just don't know if the SALT has her reasons for doing a different approach.

I must admit I don't have much confidence in our SALT and neither does a lot of other sn mums I see, but there isn't anyone else. We see her weekly and I think it's better than not having her at all.

I'm very new to PECS and I really feel it could bring on DD2's language. How old is your DC and how is PECS going for you?

moondog Thu 11-Jun-09 21:20:13

I'm a salt and know PECS like the back of my hand.
PECS should categorically not be messed with.There are complex evidence based reasons behind why it should be followed to the letter.

I would be very wary of variations.
Best way to ensure you are doing it right is to attend a course (2 day) yourself.

Sadly, many SALTs do not understand PECS or use it properly which causes many problems. sad

mumgoingcrazy Thu 11-Jun-09 21:25:46

Our Portage teacher is right then, pure PECS or not at all. Both the SALT and Portage teacher have said not to do the course as they see the PECS as a short term thing, but maybe I should anyway. I've already looked into it and parents get a good discount.

I think I'm more inclined to take advise from our Portage teacher (who I know has done the course) and my book. Just a shame the SALT works at DD2's school.

Thank you!

moondog Thu 11-Jun-09 21:30:29

Do the course if you can.
How bizarre to dissuade a parent from helping her child. hmm

Has the SALT done the course herself? If she hasn't then she is being worryingly negligent.

mumgoingcrazy Thu 11-Jun-09 21:37:37

I'm not sure I've got the balls to ask her? I'm already going to say to her that I don't think DD2 is ready for the sentance strip and I'd rather focus on exchange and discrimination. I don't want to put her nose out of joint and question her methods when our paths will be well and truly crossed in the future and DD2's language depends on her.

A wimp I know, but she comes to us every week and is putting a lot of time into DD2. I might just do the pure PECS under the guidance of our Portage teacher and turn a blind eye to the SALT's alterations.

I'd like to hope that the fact that she works in a SN school and trains the teachers in PECS that she has done the course. A bit shock if she hasn't.

moondog Thu 11-Jun-09 23:07:53

God, I know how hard it is when you feel your child's future is in the hands of someone you don't even trust. sad

There are wily ways to d o it though. Maybe ask brighlty 'I've heard the mandatory 2 day basic training is fantastic! Where did you do yours?'

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