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Please help me make a daily timetable..

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Blossomhill Tue 10-May-05 21:19:16

I really don't know what I am doing with mine. We are supposed to be timetabling dd's day as part of Bibic. Well I have made a board and it's rubbish. Please tell me how to make a good one. Also I haev pictures but am not sure what's the best velcro to buy for them and the board.
Please help

mizmiz Tue 10-May-05 21:22:27

Bh..I am the queen of timetables and calendars!!

I will CAT you tomorrow with all the info ok???
(Although no doubt you'll get a lot of good advice here too!)
Off to bed now. G'night.

Blossomhill Tue 10-May-05 21:26:24

Ah you are such a sweetie, thanks xxxxxxxxxx

It is just something I need to get up and running and because my attempt was so bad I haven't. I feel so bad as I am trying to give the Bibic stuff 100%
So yes thanks again, I would really appreciate it!

Davros Wed 11-May-05 08:47:21

Oooh, lots of ideas on this one, will post later BH. Off to meeting at DS's school (yawn!).

RnB Wed 11-May-05 11:06:39

Message withdrawn

Davros Wed 11-May-05 14:24:41

Oi RnB, that was going to be my top tip! I would seriously look at the stuff you can buy from PECs BH. It seems so easy to make this stuff but theirs is much better and stronger. Their timetable goes from top to bottom though (like a shopping list), not from left to right. Mind you, I haven't checked their website recently. I also think you need to be careful not to get toooo specific about each and every little activity as it becomes very hard to maintain and keep track of all the pix. I've got a copy of Boardmaker which is the computer prog for making symbol pictures so I'd be happy to make any for you but your DD might prefer digital photos or stuff cut out of magazines etc. I just had to buy a bargain laminator from Robert Dyas (only A4 though) as my dear, dear lammy broke last week boo hoo. I would definitely get a laminator if you haven't got one. PECs also sell reasonably priced velcro or you can buy it by the metre in John Lewis and some pound shops have it sometimes. Make sure you get stick and stick. I always put the soft velcro on the pix and the hooky side on the board/book. I don't suppose it matters as long as you remember to keep to the same system.
Looking forward to Mizmiz's masterclass.....
Or MrsF should be able to do one.

meea Wed 11-May-05 14:30:08

Glad it isn't just me Blossomhill my attempt was rubbish as well and has ended up in the bin.

Davros Wed 11-May-05 14:37:35

Well mine's brilliant. Its upstairs in a box, unused and not put together or organised I'm great on theory, but practice.....

RnB Wed 11-May-05 14:55:50

Message withdrawn

mizmiz Wed 11-May-05 18:57:39

Goodness,what can I add? You people know your stuff!!BH,surprised that BIBIC didn't give you one tbh. Did they give you info on precisely how to use it? This is really important.

The PECS single day ones are nice.However,you may want to consider a weekly one as it allows more orientation in time (chance to reflect on the past and look the future. Sounds like your dd coulc cope with this easily.)

Ideally, a weekly one will work from left to right (ie Mon-Sun) and of course top to bottom
(start of day to finish of day)If you are good on the computer,you can make one,alternately,sketch out what you want and ask someone else to do it.
Some people like to permanently mark in 'constants' such as meals and dinner time.
Size? Again,depends on child but A3 would be good. I find you have to design and plan with paper and a paper and pencil to work out dimensions and what size picture will fit into your timetable.

In my work,we try to stick to commonly agreed dimensions for timetables and picture diaries as well as agreeing on which part of the Velcro goes on which bit,so that systems are flexible!!
(It's all these small points that take up so much time and energy believe it or not!)

You will also need a colour printer,Velcro,a laminator and good quality paper to print on. (Incidentally,we obtain Widgit for families who need it,and bill it to the health trust as a 'communication aid'. Have also done this with Social Services as it is pricey)

Some people go completely over the top and put in everything which is tedious for all parties. In your case,you might want to think about a space between meals to put one thing in (eg on a w/end there could be room for a morning,afternoon and possible post dinner activity.)

As the others say,Widgit or Boardmaker are good. I use Widgit,and have written an 'idiots' guide' to using it,as the manual can really freak people (including me!!) out! Looks so dull....
I can send you a copy if you like.Not in place of work at present but will be in 2 weeks. (Same goes for anyone else btw-happy to share.)
You can use a digital camera and incorporate photos as well-useful if you want say a picture of the grandparents to symbolise a visit.

Needless to say,think carefully about what picture symbolises what activity. (eg Widgit symbol for 'sausages' uses American style round ones-useless for a British kid!)

Also consider using words as well. Your dd is reading and this will boost that.Other children may be confused by writing,but we often include it even with children who are not reading as it helps adults use a commonly agreed vocabulary-important for people with communication issues (consider a picture of swings-could be describes variously as park/playground/swings/walk. Could be confusing couldn't it?!
I've had some people start with pictures,move to pictures and words,then rely solely on words which is great!

Again some children need it to be used very rigidly and to have the picture removed at the end of the activity. Others can cope with them being left up,which again is a great lang. opp.allowing a child to respond appropriately to a question that may be impossible without visual prompts such as 'What did you do yesterday morning?' In that case,I encourage people to have something like a huge florescent arrow which slides back and forth on a string and can be moved daily to mark the appropriate day. (You'd be amazed how many people forget that was is obvious to you and me,isn't to someone who has comm. difficulties. The times I have to explain to people that a visual timetabe that isn't used religiously is in effect a waste of time! Grrr!!!)

A simple calender (white block for each day) is very useful too. Use it with my dd. Part of bedtime routine is to cross off a day-good left/tight sequencing practice. We draw (or use Widgit picture) in a salient feature of the day-tonight it will be a big cake as we visited friends and they brought out a huge one!). You can put in exciting stuff that is coming up too. My dd can now see who in the family is having a b/day soon!
You can just use a shop bought one-only problem is that there are often blank blocks at the bottom or top,as months are not even in length of course. I block these out,as I want my dd to understand the concept of her filling in the blocks,not having to turn a page,but still seeing blank spaces. You can devise a code for school days. One of the mothers I work with puts a tiny blue dot on school days,I outline them in red pen.

Final thing I use a lot is a picture diary to supprt home/school written diary,which is great but inaccessible to non readers. We just ha ve a laminated 7 page diary (page for each day of the week.) Parents and school have all relevant pictures. When the child goes home,school have put 3 pictures in to symbolise school activities (eg music,jigsaw,swimming). Child is encouraged to show diary to parent independently,and a conversation ensues.Next day,diary gets sent to school but this time the parents have put in pictures to symbolise what was done at home. Doessn;t have to be flash (could be bath,video,cleaning teeth) but the point is the child is learning to transfer info from one point to another (ie communicate).
People need to be organised,and pictures returned to their home base,but it does work. So great to seenon verbal children being able to joing in with news time.

Finally,have mentioned an ace book by an American s/lt called 'Visual Strategies for people with Communication Difficulties'. Don't have exact details as again it's in the office,but will post it. I urge you to get it-so readable,logical and relevant.My bible!!

That's it I think.
Need a lie down now. Phew!!!
Hope it has helped.

Blossomhill Wed 11-May-05 21:26:47

Mizmiz, thank you so much. I think I need to write a shopping list as I will forget everything I need to buy
Where do you keep the timetable though? Should it be on a wall?
It sounds ideal for dd though and Bibic want us to use the days of the week to get dd talking about her days just like you suggested.
That was so kind of you to type all of that. Now I have to put it into practice!!!

mizmiz Wed 11-May-05 21:33:01

A pleasure bh!
Yes,keep it somewhere where it can be seen and used,like the kitchen. Don't be too ambitious-just do a bit at a time (ie don't keep yourself making 6000 pictures like I've done in the past I swear I have rsi from cutting them all out.

You're obviously changing/modifying a lot of stuff in your life at present so don't overload yiurself ok?

Blossomhill Wed 11-May-05 21:39:01

Thanks mizmiz. I must say I am feeling very drained at the moment. Spent nearly 2 hours making a vegtable lasagne today!!!!

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