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So out of my depth -statement naming the school.

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staryeyed Wed 10-Jun-09 11:29:45

I just sent an email to the monitoring and advocacy officer after speaking to her yesterday. She said I could name the school before the statement is finalised and it can go to panel to be decided. Now I'm not sure Iwrote the letter correctly. I didn't lay it out like the IPSEA website suggests, I just made a case for why the school meets his needs but it wasn't very detailed. Should I worry about this?

paranoid2 Wed 10-Jun-09 13:53:22

Hi My Dt2 received a statement last year and what happened was that we and other interested parties had to put forward our representations and the reasons why we thought he should receive a statement, After reviewing all the representations we were issued with a draft statement and advised to complete part 4 (I think) which was the section that detailed the name of the school we wanted. This went back and we got a final statement which had the name of the school on it. Before we completed part 4 we made sure that there was still a vacancy there.

Not sure if I'm really answering your question but I dont recall going into a whole lot of detail about why the school could meet Dt2's needs. However the school we chose was exactly the type of school that they had recommended so I guess there was not have been a great need

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