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right I am going to be proud of my little girl on here for 5 mins so don't read if you don't want to hear how fab I think she is today! :-)

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Thomcat Tue 10-May-05 13:34:21

Okay here we go!

- She came into us this morning (6am not so so good but...) she climbed onto the bed, kissed me and lay down next to me softly stoking my face and saying 'ahhhhhh' and then as i lay there smiling I heard her count to 10! Honestly, to 10. HELOOOOOO!!!!! WOW!
I made her do it again and she did. Then I asked her to give me 1 kiss which she did, then I asked her to give me 3 kisses which she did. Gobsmacked, flabbergasted, proud as hell.

- Every morning when D kisses her bye, before he gets a chance, as soon as she's had her kiss she points to me and says 'daddy - mummy kiss'! and as he kisses me she does her little happy hands and is all excied and pleased. Bless her.

I saw the speech and language therapist briefly when she visited Lottie at nursery this morning. I ran through a few things to update her and she said 'wow, she's my star pupil'. You can all imagine how overjoyed I was to hear that.

So, that's that really, just needed to gush, job done

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 10-May-05 13:35:20

lunavix Tue 10-May-05 13:35:23

What a star

NomDePlume Tue 10-May-05 13:35:41

She's practising so she can teach her little bro/sis to count

meea Tue 10-May-05 13:36:57


Chandra Tue 10-May-05 13:36:58

I'm smiling here

lou33 Tue 10-May-05 13:37:49

Aero Tue 10-May-05 13:38:53

that's gorgeous tc.

Marina Tue 10-May-05 13:38:58

I'm smiling here too. Like the idea of happy hands (thinking of Steve Martin've got....happy feet! )

oliveoil Tue 10-May-05 13:42:51

Lovely .

'bro/sis'? Are you pregnant???? Sorry, have been on Mat leave for eons and am way out of the loop. You may have given birth actually, as I have been off nearly a year!

tabitha Tue 10-May-05 13:44:13

Wow, she really is a little star
I'm most impressed.

edam Tue 10-May-05 13:45:23

Thomcat, that's fab. What a little sweetie. And isn't she v. young to be counting to ten compared to NT children? Clever and lovely little girl who takes after her mummy, I'd say.

FLUM Tue 10-May-05 13:45:28

Ahhh face stroking from littlies, nothing beats it!

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-May-05 13:46:06


pixel Tue 10-May-05 13:47:29

Ah what a sweetheart. No wonder you are proud!

Thomcat Tue 10-May-05 13:48:27

Yeah, oliveoil is back, hello babes. I've not seen you post your birth announcemnet, or have I, I'm sure I haven't. How are you.

edam - you've made me even prouder now!

oliveoil Tue 10-May-05 13:52:57

Back at work, a bit at the mo, feels weird.

So, are you pregnant then or what? The suspense............

PrettyCandles Tue 10-May-05 13:53:00

Isn't that meltingly lovely . And the fact that she understands the numbers at her age (Lottie's 3, isn't she?) is particularly brill!

motherinferior Tue 10-May-05 13:57:33

Oh TC, how very very lovely for you.

Thomcat Tue 10-May-05 13:57:55

Thank Prettycandles, yes the comprehanesion re the number of kisses was quite something.

Oliveoil, yes babes, very early days, about 7 weeks or so, too early to date properly at the scans but seen the heartbest and had to run off and wretch for 10 minutes at work earlier! Lovely All going well no 2 should be here the week of Xmas, a week before Lotbags turns 4!

Janh Tue 10-May-05 13:59:28

Lovely news, TC. Lottie just gets better and better

oliveoil Tue 10-May-05 14:00:00

ooooooooooh fab news! Hurrah. See, I have missed all these announcements harrumph.

I can hear my boss in the reception so I may have to pretend to be doing my work, ta ta for now.


edam Tue 10-May-05 14:07:08

Just checked my feeling on timing of counting to ten and indeed think Lottie's a little early. Is supposed to be an 'emerging skill' between ages three to four according to the Canadian child development charity Invest in Kids. So as with all developmental milestones there will be plenty of NT kids who don't manage it until later

lou33 Tue 10-May-05 14:10:07

TC, can you make it to Brighton for the sn meet this weekend?

Thomcat Tue 10-May-05 14:19:29

oh edam, stop! I'm going to pop! i just phoned her nana who reported lottie had counted with her too.
She did it a few times and then would start saying one, two, "no three" (and shake her head!!!), four, five, six, seven, then she leaves a pause where 8 should be, (don't think she can say it), then nine and then a loud ten! I've been teaching 1 to 5 for ages but the 5 to 10 is all the work of her nursery, I was shocked when she came out with it!

Lou - what day?

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