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Do NT kids use echolalia / quote big chunks of books?

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BriocheDoree Tue 09-Jun-09 17:45:17

OK, being a bit paranoid as usual. Most of the time think DS is fully NT but just occasionally he worries me. Today he started quoting big chunks out of his Maisy book, entirely unprompted (like totally out of context to what we were talking about at the time). Do NT kids do this too?
He's 2 BTW.

Barmymummy Tue 09-Jun-09 18:18:11

I think kids do do echolalia when they are learning to speak and I think its at its height age 2-3 but drops off fast as they learn to talk iykwim. Someone please correct me if that is wrong!!

My DS used echolalia lots and lots (both in and out of context) but now (just turned 4) he has reduced it drastically as his speech has improved. He is not dx ASD but does have slight ASD traits.


amberflower Tue 09-Jun-09 18:35:06

My own DS didn't do this as never really used echolalia but I have to admit I did myself! Apparently at age 2 I was 'reading' my own storybooks which essentially meant I had memorised the text and was reciting it word for word. Even knew where to turn the pages over apparently. Also used to quote full nursery rhymes at a very young age.

I grew out of it once I learned to read properly - so it was nothing to worry about - though I do seem to have a good memory for quotes and things even now smile which came in useful when studying!

I think that unless it continues excessively beyond the age of 3 and 'normal' speech seems lacking or absent then it is not necessarily anything to worry about, particularly if there are no other 'traits' that are alarming you.

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