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Anybody need a Maclaren Major?

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5inthebed Tue 09-Jun-09 17:09:07

Ds2's is sitting gathering dust, as I can't use it with DS3 being only little and needing a pram. Tried the whole sling/pram thing, but Ds3 is a mini Sumo (nearly 21 lbs and only 6 months) and it kills my back.

So if anyone is desperate for one, I could loan you mine (for free) for possibly a year or so. You'd have to pay for the courier there and back, but that should only be about £10-£15.

SammyK Tue 09-Jun-09 20:48:06

5inthebed - I finally have a wheelchair assessment appointment end of June. If for some reason they turn us down for an MM, and no one has asked to loan yours can I take you up on your kind offer?

Don;t hold onto it for me though, if anyone else asks sort them out to have it. smile

5inthebed Tue 09-Jun-09 20:51:00

Fingers crossed it all goes well for you at the assessment.

If I still have it, it's all yours.

SammyK Tue 09-Jun-09 20:56:32

Thanks smile

like I said though don't hold onto it just in case, if someone else wants it I won't be bothered

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