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Can I just say we have a lovely docotors surgery and health visitor.

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staryeyed Tue 09-Jun-09 16:34:21

Our health visitor has been newly assigned since DS2 was born and she has been so helpful. She helped us get an earlier apt for DS1 sleep problems with the pead when we were originally told 3 months wait. She took time to really listen to see how she could help, is chasing up loose ends she checks in regularly to see how we are.

The doctors surgery (also new as we moved last year) also are very helpful. Just had 6 wk check apt and she was so lovely really trying to help with DS1 issues and gave me so much time.

It really makes a difference when they are supportive not that the previous ones weren't but they weren't as helpful.

anonandlikeit Tue 09-Jun-09 17:42:48

Thats great stareyed, it makes all the difference.

Our HV was no use at all, in fact she came to see us just once after ds2 was discharged & she never came back.
His paed on the other hand is the most amazing, caring woman & I don't know where we woould be wihtout her.

staryeyed Tue 09-Jun-09 18:02:56

well now our paed she is a different story, she is ok but has some odd views and is a bit reluctant to make referrals for some odd reason. We didn't really bother to see her after the first few times 2 years ago but we had to go back recently so that she could assess DS for his statement and then again for melatonin.

I wonder if you can swap HV anon?- I really have found it useful to have her. If you would want to that is.

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