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Dd2 is in bed pulling the stuffing out of her pillow

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Marne Mon 08-Jun-09 20:44:24

She's having such fun, i really can't be bothered to go and take it away, she's trying to stick bits on her nose, she must like the texture.

Bed times have become a battle, dd2 sleeping down stairs really isn't working and i wish she could have her own room and special bed. Each night she pulls of the sheets ,pillow covers and pillows and chucks the out her bed, once she's asleep she only stays asleep for a couple hours and then she moves onto the sofa and goes back to sleep.

Does any one else's LO do this?

mysonben Mon 08-Jun-09 22:26:41

Well my ds doesn't do this excatly but he has been getting more and more fussy with his bedtime routine, it takes ages, and lately he insists on taking more and more of his fave things with him to bed so now we have :a big fire engine, 2 motorbikes, 3 vehicles books , and a 4 puzzles case tucked in with him.
He 's also refusing to sleep the right way up in his bed , he wants to sleep accross it and keeps pulling the duvet over his head!

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