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Meeting DD1's carer tomorrow so why am I bricking it........????

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sparklymieow Mon 09-May-05 23:32:43

This will be our first meeting and I'm scared.. what if she doesn't like us, what if we don't like her, what if she doesn''t think she can handle DD1......????

KarenThirl Tue 10-May-05 06:54:45

Well, I'd have thought it unlikely if she's a trained carer, but I understand your worries. If there's anything at all negative about your meeting would you be able to ask for a different carer? You certainly don't have to accept help from someone you don't feel comfortable with, but I'm not sure how you'd stand if you asked for someone else.

Whatever your reservations, I hope they come to nothing it's a successful visit. Wishing you luck!

sparklymieow Tue 10-May-05 06:56:35

DD1 is her first case,!!

Davros Tue 10-May-05 09:05:21

Will she be able to spend some time at first with all of you, getting to know DD and the family? I think that would make her feel better and do the job better and make you feel better too. Although its tempting, no point in rushing it. But also make sure she does things with/for DD on her own quite quickly too.

dinosaur Tue 10-May-05 12:39:46

Hope it goes well today sparkly mieow

sparklymieow Tue 10-May-05 18:14:51

she is lovely..... a bit nuts but thats ok, coz so am I..... they couldn't have picked a better match tbh

KarenThirl Tue 10-May-05 18:36:31

Bet you feel relieved! So what happens next?

maddiemo Tue 10-May-05 19:30:08

Glad it went well

Merlot Tue 10-May-05 20:17:20


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