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No written report?

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Frasersmum123 Mon 08-Jun-09 10:59:21

I have just come off the phone with our community Paed's secretary, who says that they are so far behind they cant produce a report of Fraser's recent visit, but we will get a letter to say he has been seen, and the paed has put a note on the bottom to say that he has been given a firm ASD diagnosis.

Im one of these people that just says okay, then thinks about it afterwards.

Should I ring her back and ask for a proper report? am I within my rights to ask for one? I dont really want to get her back up, but I want to know what is being said iyswim?

mummysaurus Mon 08-Jun-09 12:28:19

hi fm123.

i think it would be a good idea to have a full report esp if you are also working with other professionals or seeking extra support at pre-school/school. can you quickly consult with your gp about your rights/needs in this matter?

sorry they are being so rubbish -it is difficult to know whether they are under-resourced or just disorganised.

jennybensmummy Mon 08-Jun-09 16:24:51

hiya, could you write to them and say you are not happy and request you are sent a report outlining what was discussed at your recent visit as youre a little unclear as to the outcomes of it etc etc. if you ask in writing i am sure they would have to do something surely?? dont talk to me about community paeds weve put in complaint after complaint about our service as we dont even have one and when we are seen they make things up that arent true and do nothing! Or contact pals at the hospital the paed is under and ask for their advice and support?

overthebar Mon 08-Jun-09 21:23:49


When you say recent how long ago is it since your visit? My DS (3.0) had his developmental assessment on 27th April and I still haven't had report. It is so frustrating as is holding up my final appt with private paed for asd dx. Apparently the reports are dictated and then sent to an outside company for typing and then have to come back to be finalised and signed of while we sit at home worrying and waiting. I !have been advised to complain to the service manager but am losing the will! Apols for the rant but not a great day

amberflower Mon 08-Jun-09 22:05:28

Definitely ask for a proper report! A letter stating he's been seen and ASD is confirmed might help you seek any additional support you need as an interim measure, but it seems completely unacceptable to expect you to accept that as a final outcome.

I am sure they are all overworked and underresourced and so on but that's not your fault and, more importantly, not your DS's either...

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