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Genetic links to ASD running in families ???

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mysonben Sun 07-Jun-09 22:45:03

I have read that ASD can be linked to other disorders running in families such as allergies ( lots of that on dh'side) ds1 had some reaction to peanuts , had mild asthma when younger, now he has pollen/grass allergies with bad rashes. Also dh s' nephew has ADHD, and one of his cousins'little boy has HFA. I told the paed about this when she asked me questions relating to this.

But i didn't mention that on my side i have a first cousin with skizophrenia (not sure how it's spelled), and my paternal grandma was a manic-depressive , so is my sis , and another cousin is always in/out of depression too. sad

I didn't mention it because she didn't ask specific questions about mental illnesses, only asked about autism and allergies.

Does anyone know if the mental issues from my side of the family could have a link to ds' ASD? And shall i mention it at the next appointment?
Thanks. Sorry for yet another longggg post.

TotalChaos Sun 07-Jun-09 22:47:57

yes mental health issues in the family can be relevant. and worth mentioning at next appointment; more to give a complete background of family health history than because it's likely to alter the doc's thinking.

tiredmummyoftwo Mon 08-Jun-09 06:09:57


We have no history of autistic children in my family and this is tracing back in generation. My husband's family on the other hand has genetic speech delay, but nobody is autistic, but our son has an autism diagnosis. It might have not link to your family's mental health problem, but probably will make the doc jumping into conclusion.

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