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Educational Solicitor

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Vicr Sun 07-Jun-09 22:06:24

Hello everyone Im new and desperate!!

I am wondering if anyone has used an educational solicitor and whether you feel it was worth it?

We are having massive problems with schools for DD1 who is 6. She has been in mainstream, SALT unit and now they ahve recommended MLD but they won't take her!

We have seemingly a great school near us, Egerton Rothesay but have been told we will get no help with funding etc. We have been told that we she contact Robert Love who is an educational Solicitor. I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with this and can give us any advice? My poor DH has jsut nearlly dropped dead when he has read how much we have to pay for the initial consultation!

Sorry should have said DD has epilepsy, hemiplegia, GDD and SAL diffuculties all due to Meningitis at 22 months. Thanks for reading, i'll get the hang of this soon!

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 08-Jun-09 00:54:39

Hi smile
[[ ]]
I've recommended these a few times on here

WetAugust Mon 08-Jun-09 01:03:53

I used a solicitor when LEA were dragging their heels over providing suitable eductional placement following Statementing process. It cost £3K overall and we settled before Tribunal.
TBH it wasn't really worth it. He did direct us to get independant Ed Pysch report at £800 which was probably the most useful thing we did as we used the report for many purposes afterwards. I probably learnt as much myself using the SEN COP, IPSEA, PP etc.

As you're in Scotland it may be worthwhile for you to use a solicitor as advice on Scots SEN support does not seem to be as readily available from 'lay' people as English SEN support is.

Best wishes

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