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ASD progress and head injury? sorry bit long but need advice!

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movingintothefuture Sun 07-Jun-09 13:40:55

Ok ds (4) had a stones thrown at him and one hit him on the head. Hands up truthful hear suspect ds was involved in stone throwing. An initial bruise (cold compress treated with enforce 20mins rest) turned inwards and resulted in emergency admission to hospital with standby notice for emergency transfer to another hospital and surgery if condition deteriated. It didn't he was fine after a rare 12hours of sleep (although disterbed by docs every hour) but some of the more annoying aspects in behaviour i thought we'd made progress on have returned. Bare in mind we were on holiday and have had nearly 2 months on off routine disruption can any one advise if the return to these traits are injury related or normal for asd:

1. Repeatedly asking the same question in hundereds of different ways.
2. insecurity to point of not even letting me go to toilet on one (he only discovered attachement 6 months ago)
3. Inability to distract from a specific topic
4. less able to cope with situations and sudden noise
5. refusing to use public toilets
6. refusing to do anything himself (except wipe his own bum -a skill discovered since injury)

Is it often one step forwards two steps back?

movingintothefuture Sun 07-Jun-09 13:41:55

7. Obsessive routine knowledge (though suspect this is due to amount of change and nothign to worry about)

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