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Please can i have some help re mobility allowance for Dd2 (ASD)

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Marne Thu 04-Jun-09 13:36:16

Just looking for some advice,

DD2 has ASD she's 3.4 and getting to heavy (and big) to be in a pushchair, Dd2 can walk but has no sense of danger and often refuses to walk causing a meltdown.

Is she entitled to Mobility?

Where do i find the form online to fill in as when i go to Directgov all i can fing is the mobility form attached to the DLA form, do i have to fill in the hole lot (including DLA) when she already receives DLA. When we claimed DLA for her she was too young to claim Mobility, at what age can she claim it?

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 04-Jun-09 13:42:42

You probably won't get it until she's 5 - unless you put together a REALLY good case!

here is the guide -

age three, if your child is unable, or virtually unable, to walk

age three, if your child is assessed to be both 100% disabled because of loss of eyesight and not less than 80% disabled because of deafness

age three, if your child is severely mentally impaired with severe behavioural problems and qualifies for the highest rate of care component

age five, if your child needs guidance or supervision when walking out of doors

What rate care does she get? If higher (both of mine get higer care and lower mobility) then it's easier to get them to listen!

re filling in the form, tbh I can't remember, but it will tell you on the form itself, failing that, you can ask them when you request it.

- take a copy so you know what you said, for when it's time to renew!

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 04-Jun-09 13:43:31

oh - meant to say, mobility IS DLA. dla is split into 2 - care componant and mobility componant, but it's the same thing.

Marne Thu 04-Jun-09 13:49:13

'age three, if your child is severely mentally impaired with severe behavioural problems and qualifies for the highest rate of care component'

Dd2 gets higher rate DLA, would running off, not responding to my voice and refusing to walk not count as severe behavioural problems?

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 04-Jun-09 13:50:28

It would if you worded it right!!!

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 04-Jun-09 13:55:18

lots of "danger to herself" "no sense of danger" "no understanding" "unable to cope in unfamiliar situations" and lots of examples where something terrible nearly happened!

It's hard when they are 3 though, because you'd expect any 3 yr old to be closely supervised when out and about! What you have to prove is that she needs significantly more supervision and help than any other 3 yr old.

And many 3 yr olds are on reins, and in buggies and run off and have the parent grabbing hold of them, and won't come back when you call them etc etc. So you need to put your case for why she has higher needs than that.

magso Thu 04-Jun-09 13:58:10

She might be -although it is hard to get higher rate ( and she is too young for the lower rate yet) for a physically able child! If you cannot make progress to where you need to go because dc routinely refuses to walk ( where you need to go)and nothing can persuade dc to go where you need to go then she might be. At least this is what I was told. Only higher rate mob is payable from age 3, lower from age 5.
( Disclaimer this is the advice I was given - my ds is 9 and gets lower rate mobility).

alfiemama Thu 04-Jun-09 14:07:40

I think like magso has said, it is very difficult to get this at this age. We tried with Alfie, as he runs into the road, has no sense of danger and causes danger not only to himself but to others. He also has hypermobility and has special shoes and cannot walk very far. However we were told that he would only get when 5, this is what it said on the letter back from DLA.

lou031205 Fri 05-Jun-09 12:59:35

I tried, too. DD1 has no sense of danger, waddles like a duck, falls over all the time, has to wear a wrist strap all the time, often refuses to walk, or insists on walking backwards (hmm as she isn't great at walking forwards!), Runs away if not restrained, etc.

She got awarded high rate care but no mobility.

But the Consultant told us to apply for a blue badge, and that he thought she should be getting HRM. So we are going to ask for a late reconsideration, as we have just got his letter stating his advice.

misscutandstick Fri 05-Jun-09 19:13:13

i have just applied too for DS5, similar probs: GDD, ASD, dangerous, runner, etc. hes just turned 3 and has HRC. will let you know when it arrives if its good or bad news.

pillsthrillsandbellyaches Fri 05-Jun-09 21:53:38

go onto the Cerebra website (charity for children with neurological problems). send away for their excellent guidelines on how to complete dla form for children.

i have just applied for dla (ds is 3). had DWP on phone today re. his ability to walk!
have tried my best for mobility but realistically think i'll only get care component. i better bloody get that at least!

good luck. its a complete bloody nightmare, but i cant recommend those guidelines enough.

pillsthrillsandbellyaches Fri 05-Jun-09 21:56:00

oh and by the way, i got a free maclaren major buggy from our local wheelchair services, after a referral from the paediatrician.

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