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Paediatrician suggested I complete a CAF form to get a referral to TASCC

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notfromaroundhere Wed 03-Jun-09 20:37:35

Dontcha just love the accronyms

Anyway, today DS1 had his review with the Paediatrician who DX him with ASD 6 months ago. I am struggling more and more with DS1's behaviour; I can no longer take him for a walk in the village, he is a nightmare to get dressed and out of the door, huge tantrums over nothing that last for hours etc. Even implimenting a first and then board the SALT gave me was met with massive tantrums despite only putting things on it he likes. I went through the pain barrier and he will now do 3 things in a row (although one of them is eating a chocolate biscuit blush).

Apparently there are no early intervention programmes available because nothing has been proved effective. He suggested we complete the CAF form (Common Assessment Framework) and restrict the agencies allowed to see it to Healh and TASCC (Team Around School, Child and Community).

Has anyone had any experience with TASCC? DS1 is only 3.8 so I am not sure he would be eligible. I really don't want to waste more time with appointments where nothing is achieved.

monstermansmum Wed 03-Jun-09 23:45:52

bumping for you!

jennybensmummy Thu 04-Jun-09 07:45:56

no experience of tascc but i know the caf form is supposed to be long and take ages to do if thats any help!

TotalChaos Fri 05-Jun-09 23:34:32

no real experience, impression I get is that CAF form is long and quite invasive about your family life. Do you have any specialist autism team in your area?

notfromaroundhere Sat 06-Jun-09 10:14:12

Thanks all, I have the form and what TC said were my concerns but apparently you can restrict the agencies that get to see it. AFAIK there isn't an autism team and searches via google on TASCC don't bring up what they do which makes me suspicious. My HV is good but on holiday so I will wait and ask her before I go any further with it.

movingintothefuture Mon 08-Jun-09 02:52:05

Actually didn't find CAF form too long (about 1 1/2hr) but did find it VERY restrictive about how much could be included. I personally didn't find the CAF process of any use and trying to put a complaint in about it. It is supposed to enable a multidisciplianry approach and I was told that it had to be declared that Ds was under a CAF and that ANY medical professional could request and gain access to it as it was designed to ensure that anyone getting involved in the care of the child was able to get the full picture of the situation without having to ask all the same questions again. It was very invasive and did cover all aspects of family life. Won't advise asking H/v until you have done some more research as I made this mistake and was bulldozed into completing one.

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