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Potty training - holding it in for ages!!

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ZebsMummy Tue 02-Jun-09 22:21:42


Any advice, started potty training my DS1 3.4 over Easter Hols, and begun really well didn't like the idea of wearing pants and trousers, but now a few weeks in we have progressed to wearing pants and trousers (yay!) and still being near perfect in performing on the potty every time at home - and this is my problem, I can't seem to get him into weeing when we're out & about even going to a friends house the other day and staying as long as 8 hours he managed to hold on till we got home.
I make it as relaxed and stressfree for him as poss, (marshmallows and stars for performing!!) but just lately when we've been out and come home, he's begun to get really stressed about it all - holds himself proclaiming "wee trying to get in" hmmand then just refusing to get on the potty until hes literally having an accident, all the time in tears, I'm really at a loss as to what to do, hate seeing him like it but don't want to revert back to pull ups! any advice warmly welcome.

sc13 Wed 03-Jun-09 11:16:05


SheWhoMustBeIgnored Wed 03-Jun-09 13:38:12

ds1 has been brill at home with wees in the potty we wnt nappy free for first time out today and he held it in as well. i took him potty with us and showed him where it was etc. the problem is he drinks so little i dont know if he is holding it or just doesnt need to go.
if i get him to go once i know he will do it every time after that so next time i am planning to try to get liquid in to him somehow so he has to go followed by a big fuss and lots of praise.
anyway could he have a special potty for when he is out or something to amuse he while he sits on it e like a special potty book that he only gets if he is sitting on the potty.

ZebsMummy Wed 03-Jun-09 22:34:00

thanks for advice, might go with new incentive re. special potty book or similar, next time we're out,I know that once he has done it once he will be fine i think it will also help once hes started going on the proper toilet. Trouble is I can't rush him has to be on his terms. Was really hoping that he was going to do a wee in his pot at Nursery today, but no luck sad
He also doesn't drink much however much I try to persuade!
I have been told that children with a language delay take longer to train, just have to stick with it and hope it doesn't take too long!!

brokenspacebar Fri 05-Jun-09 10:50:09

hello zebs, I started pt with my ds in the summer holidays, after his 4th birthday, it took a long time, he had amazing ability to hold on, we camped once and he went nearly 24hrs without doing a pee, that was very scary.

He can still go hours without peeing, I did make a huge effort to get him to drink more(cups with straws, fave characters). I also got him toys that he really wanted(wall.e), not little toys, quite big ones that went up on a high shelf, so he would get choc stars/coins for peeing, but early successes got big rewards - lots of praise.

It was a slow process, although he wouldn't have an accident, he wouldn't poo, he ended up on senna and lactulose for 6 months (poo problem started before pt began)... just with gradual slow encouragement he went from being very afraid to being okay. First poo success was just after Christmas this year and we have slowly built on that - he is fine now, though still uses a potty for poo, hoping when he starts school we might have got rid of the potty....

good luck, it is a stressful thing to go through, but you and ds will get there in the end!

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