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Reapplying for DLA

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Loobie Sun 08-May-05 19:13:56

Ds1 has autism amongst other things.He is currently getting dla,middle rate for care and lower rate for mobility,his needs are increasing but he isnt due to reaply till january,would i be able to apply before then cause he should now definately be entitled to higher rate at least in the care and possibly mobility too.
If i can does anyone know how i go about it thanks .

QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 19:33:28

My dd's needs changed and I think there was a helpline number to call on the award letter. They will send you a new claim pack and I believe they will award you any increase from the date of receipt of the application form so don't delay getting one and sending it in.

Good luck

Davros Sun 08-May-05 21:14:30

Yeah, you have to be informing them of a change. It could be greater needs or an extra dx etc. Good luck. I did this some years ago when hyperactivity was being discussed with my Paed. It didn't become a new dx but was a sort-of new situation.... and it worked.

SoBlue Mon 09-May-05 22:01:09

you might be interested that have a new DLA help guide its step by step for each question and also an insight into how they make their decisions.

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