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Amber, can i ask you a little question?

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Marne Tue 02-Jun-09 10:56:57

Did getting a dx help you?

Dh shows a lot of AS traits and suffers from depression, he wants to go back to the GP for more anti-d's but i think he should ask them about getting a dx for AS. He thinks a dx won't help.

MaryBS Tue 02-Jun-09 15:47:31

I'll point Amber at this, but I got a diagnosis for myself in September last year, and I felt a whole lot better for knowing for certain. Many of my anxieties I can now see as part of my AS traits, rather than depression, and that, strangely, is quite comforting!

Marne Tue 02-Jun-09 16:06:18

Thanks Mary, Dh has been treated for depression on and off for 5 years and i'm thinking maybe he has been treated for the wrong thing. Since wew found out the girls are on the spectrum his traits have become more noticible.

amberlight Tue 02-Jun-09 16:21:40

In a word, yes. Very much indeed. But that's a personal opinion and the opinion of others will vary.

It helped me to know for definite what sort of brain I have, what its strengths and weaknesses are. It helped me learn what would work better for me, and how best to explain me to others. It helped me get access to services (even if I have to pay for them myself - grr) and it's made a big difference to my life to get to know so many very lovely people on all parts of spectrum (and all those caring for them).

Marne Tue 02-Jun-09 16:40:25

Thank you Amber, i'm not sure if he will go through with getting a dx but it seems that the things that trigger of his depression are AS related.

He gets really paranoid that people think the worst of him and are talking about him. He thinks that his boss thinks he is useless.

He has to have everything just so, things in the rite order and in the rite place. If i put something in the wrong place or forget to put something away he gets really upset.

He hates talking to people and struggles to make eye contact. He hates crouded places and noise.

He doesn't like trying new things or going to new places.

He finds it hard to trust anyone, he always thinks the worst of people and feels safer having no friends.

He suffers with anxiety and has OCD traits.

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