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A big thumbs up for Legoland in Windsor, very sn friendly!

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Blossomhill Sun 08-May-05 16:20:50

Went yesterday and it was great. We got exit passes which means you don't have to queue. We decided that if the queue was under 20 minutes we would try dd and to our surprise she waited really well, bless her.
It was great knowing that we could go to the front of the queue if needed but great to know that dd has come along way since last year as she can actually queue for short periods which to us is huge milestone. We are even considering going to Spain for a week in the summer as we think dd is ready and could cope!!!!

Chocol8 Sun 08-May-05 19:58:56

Well done to mini Bloss! Good idea to try waiting first too!

Want to take ds soon - is it expensive?

LGJ Sun 08-May-05 20:22:28

It is funny isn't you think that you are just standing still and that life is just one big drudgy bore, but all the time you are moving incrementally.

Hope that makes sense.

maddiemo Sun 08-May-05 20:58:47

Well done bh family. Glad you had a good time. My ds can wait for about 10 mins which is pretty good.

Hope you get to go to Spain. Port Aventura near Barcelona is great and in peak season stays open till midnight so no queues or crowds.

Blossomhill Tue 10-May-05 21:02:37

chocol8 - well it can be but we went with a support group i go to and it was free! Although I think as you are a carer you would probably get in free. So would be about £20-25 for ds. I know it's a lot but there is so much to do!
Maddiemo - oh thanks for that tip, will look into it

SoupDragon Tue 10-May-05 21:24:40

chocol8, if you save your Tescos club card vouchers you can get in for £5.50 per adult, £5 per child.

Chocol8 Tue 10-May-05 22:02:57

Ooh,lovely thanks for that!

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