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ADHD little help please.............if you can

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mumlisat Mon 01-Jun-09 22:23:41


long story short (hopefully !!!) We have been seeing CAMHS for nearly 2 years for help with our DS aged 8 we have been told numerous times he has very high traits of aspergers and extremly high traits of ADHD we are seeing the doctor/Pysc on wednesday finally after attempting to get an appointment for almost a year about a possible diagnosis of ADHD or maybe not. The thing i am finding really hard is that everything i have read on internet and books that have been recommended by the health pros indicates he does have this. I just wondered if anyone has been at this stage and if they can give me any clue as to possible outcomes or experiences they have had. I am very emotional about this whole situation and its taken so long for us to finally get here i feel completly drained but also very nervous.
If anyone can help I would really appeciate it

Thanks for taking the time out to read my not so short story !!

daisy5678 Mon 01-Jun-09 23:06:37

J's ADHD was diagnosed a year before the autism. There was no real outcome of the ADHD diagnosis - just offered medication which we didn't want at the time. The autism diagnosis did bring more support with it, because there is more support for autism round here - outreach services and stuff. Every CAMHS is different and offers different services - just ask what the next steps are.

Good luck - it's hard, but at least you'll be in a stronger position once you know what you're dealing with.

mumlisat Mon 01-Jun-09 23:15:15

Thanks for replying am kinda new to this been reading threads for a while and as dx day got closer decided i should post as am so nervous so thanks

Latootle Tue 02-Jun-09 00:03:06

i understand diet can help there is the swedish man who devised a diet which helped. also being extremely consistant in all you do years the doctor told me children do thrive on total routine. good luck ps if it is any form of autism there is a very good help system called Rainbow??? the more help earlier the better.

2specialkids Tue 02-Jun-09 08:23:22

i went through similar as givemesleeporchocolate with my ds1, not much they did but offer medication, we didn't take it and put him on omega 3 fish oils and a scrict diet of no artificial additives etc (or at least as little as possible). hes now 16 doing his gcse and predicted grades of a* for maths and B for nearly everything else (proud mum moment).
Have you read Understanding ADHD by someone Green, that was like a revelation to me.
Hope everything goes well with you appoitment. take care

mumlisat Thu 04-Jun-09 21:14:22

Well quick update.

We had our meeting with the DR and well i think i am more confused now than when we went. We both couldnt beleive how quick we were in and out It was half an hour tops and i still had so much more to say. I came out with the conclusion that we were still none the wiser my hubby on the other hand came out with well the doc thinks hes got ADHD but doesnt want to medicate him at the moment. The doc did say that he wouldnt like to medicate as DS seems very able to concentrate on playing with toys. No mention of the fact that he got every single toy out that he had and you couldnt move for animals or cars or trains. He kept fliting from one to another but lining them all up in the same way every time ! I dont know what i expected from the doc but it wasnt being rushed in and pushed out ! Sorry needed to get it out and wanted to let those who replied know what happened. Do you think I am being too sensitive or do i have a right to feel slightly peeved !!

Thanks not a quick update as first thought x

improvingslowly Thu 04-Jun-09 21:57:45

2speckids - does your ds has aspergers or autism as well as adhd?
v pleased to hear you made such progress with diet...

2specialkids Fri 05-Jun-09 18:24:51

yes, my ds was diagnosed as having aspergers yet the pead went no further and he had no assessments or anything( as he was 14 when she decided). she just said "hes got aspergers heres a leaflet" so in my eyes he slipped through the net unfortunately. He still has major problems communicating (bless him) but he is doing ok. I never actually knew whether to follow this up or not now hes getting older hmm almost 16.

darcireece Wed 17-Jun-09 23:02:30

hi can somebody help me i have been passed from pillow to post with my sons behaviour from the age of 3 he is now 6 & has been seeing cahms since april they have done all the conners questionnaires & family history etc & now he has to go to a 6 week treatment course he basically is just getting observed playing with others has any 1 been through this process? could you tell me r we nearer to a diagnosis & what will the next steps be cahms dont really tell you much apart frm evaluate the parent

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