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Help along the road please..... (statementing process)

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sparklymieow Sat 07-May-05 11:26:17

I posted a request for the LEA to assess DD1 on thursday and recieved a big book today to help me with the process, I have to fill in a personal detail form and give a brief outline, and then write a letter about DD1 and and her problems.. I also have to gather infomation... what do they need??

sparklymieow Sat 07-May-05 15:03:34


Jayzmummy Sat 07-May-05 15:05:21

Send them as much as you possibly can....medical reports etc...your parental evidence is IMO the most important part of the statementing process beacuse you know and understand your childs needs more than any one else.
Have they sent you a guideline as to what to include in the parental evidence? If not you can get one from your local parent partnership.

sparklymieow Sat 07-May-05 15:09:23

yes, its HUGE!!!....... do you think they do this to put you off??

Jayzmummy Sat 07-May-05 17:00:25

I sat and complted all my parental evidence....sent in a 47 page EP report which we had been able to have done witterings were edited several times and I stiil sent in 27 pages of J's strengths and weaknesses and listed all of the areas where we knew he needed help in school for both educational and emotional needs.

Im sure as hell is hot that the LEA's do this to put you off....but dont be...attack it in small sections and complete a small part each will get there in the end!!!!
Good Luck.xx

sparklymieow Sat 07-May-05 17:25:04

I only have two weeks to get in the infomation tho.. [ggrrrrr]

maddiemo Sun 08-May-05 21:13:45

Send any reports you have. We were told to keep our parental evidence quite short(less than 2 sides A4] as in my LEA they have a limited time to read each request. Might be an idea to call your LEA and check this before you get writing.

Davros Sun 08-May-05 21:15:51

Agree, send in reports and keep yours as short and to the point as possible.

MotherEve Tue 10-May-05 14:03:30

Bit late here but I would say - tell them everything - use the stuff from the parent partnership and follow their headings - if you haven't got the stuff from the parent partnership office then download the document available here
[it can be read in Adobe Acrobat - available free from here ] from the teachernet site - pages 4/5 are great for helping to make sure you've covered everything.

The main thing that you need to do is to make sure that whatever you write you make sure you hammer home how it affects his education - this is an assessment for educational needs and that's what they will be looking for - that's where we fell down first time round.

Good Luck

Blu Wed 11-May-05 23:11:04

Sparkly - I don't know if you live in a surestart area - we do, and our surestart person helped us by looking over our school appeal, and giving us some info.

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