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BiBIC or Brainwave?

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Pages Fri 06-May-05 12:28:05

I am looking into going to BIBIC but have recently come across Brainwave who seem to run a similar programme. I was wondering if anyone can advise which programme would be most suitable for my DS who has developmental delay, the delay being in all areas but more markedly in the motor/perceptual area. Does anyone have experience of the Brainwave programme or both? I have heard lots of good things about BIBIC but not much about Brainwave. Any help much appreciated as I need to make a decision soon...

Merlot Fri 06-May-05 12:50:01

Hi Pages

As you know we recently came back from a trip to BIBIC. I also considered Brainwave (they will send you a Video too like BIBIC) as I had been recommended it by people at ds2's hydrotherapy sessions (who incidently had never heard of BIBIC before).

I raised a very similar question to yours when I was considering the two places - and this is the link.

I actually asked BIBIC and Brainwave how they would say they were different to each other, because like you, I was confused as to which Programme to commit to. My understanding is that both centres come from the same root philosophy (an American one) but that Brainwave put more importance on a rigid programme that you must commit to, whereas BIBIC are more flexible in their approach and work on the pretext that if the programme is too onerous it just wont be carried out by the parents.

The big difference for me though, was that Brainwave do not have access to SALT (although they do cognitive stuff).

My ds2 (20 months) is delayed all round too, but as he has started to cruise round the furniture, I felt that the biggest area of delay was cognitive and communication issues. If, I had felt that my child's biggest difficult had been motor issues I think I may have erred on the side of Brainwave. Hope all these ramblings help. Cat me if you want, but I wont be around this weekend - of for a pampering weekend with some old school friends

Good Luck with the decision

Pages Fri 06-May-05 18:58:07

Merlot, many thanks and have a great weekend!

noori Sat 28-May-05 22:34:28

i have a girl who is 2.9 years and has global learning difficulties and senory impairments, i too have recieved info on BIBIC and we are thinking of going through it sounds great and am hoping it is gonna have some inpact on my girls development if anyone else has any experience of BIBIC i would love to hear about it.

Davros Sun 29-May-05 08:49:22

Hi Noori, Essbee has just been and Merlot and Blossomhill went recently and others less recently (Jimjams first told everyone here about it). If you search the archive for BIBIC you'll find lots. I haven't been myself but it sounds like it could be good for your DD, esp at this age.

Jayzmummy Sun 29-May-05 11:34:08

We have followed the BIBIC programme for almost a year now and have seen massive improvements with J's sensory difficulties and his gross motor skills.

I looked at Brain waves and choose BIBIC over them because of their access to SALT. The SALT we saw was excellent and she initially dx'd J's SPD which then lead the local SALT to perform more assessments which went on to confirm a local dx of SPD.

The whole BIBIC approach suited us as a family better than Brain waves although I have heard good reports about the work they do.

Two weeks ago we returned to BIBIC for our reassessment and the therapist was amazed by the improvements we had made. She has now set us a more detailed programme to focus on J's self esteem and fine motor skills. The therapist is coming out to see us next month for a home visit so she can see how J interacts in familiar surroundings and to suggest way in which we can make his life better at home.

BIBIC have a dvd that you can send for and their intitial assessment is free and can be carried out over the telephone.

noori Sun 29-May-05 20:31:02

ta Davros,JM, have got the ball rolling so am looking forward to the assessment at BIBIC,really excited!!!

Pages Tue 31-May-05 21:58:11

Thanks everyone, we are off to BIBIC at the end of June. Can't wait! Can someone pls reassure me that they are a bit more positive than the doctors tend to be (the developmental paed, neurologist, etc have always been a bit gloomy without really being able to say anything very helpful)? I am expecting some home truths about DS but am hoping it is not going to be like the standard developmental assessments you get at the hospital...if this makes any sense.

Davros Tue 31-May-05 22:11:40

Noori, pleased to hear you are all set
Pages, I haven't been but I'd think one thing that would be very different is they give you a program to follow, not just give you their view of your child and then leave you with nothing positive to do. They sound quite touchy-feely too so I'm sure it must all be done in a sensitive and positive way.

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