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Fish Oils - which one to use and HOW!!

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Barmymummy Sun 24-May-09 07:41:09

My DS just will NOT take any fish oils! He will happily take vitamin supplements but these are nice tasting and never have the fish oils in them.

He refuses chewy sweets & syrups. The only thing I have managed to do is snip open a sainsburys own brand multivitamin capsule (inc omega 3), spread it on toast and cover it with honey!!

I just wondered which fish oils are the most popular and if your DC doesn't like eating them straight off a spoon, which tricks have worked for you.....thanks!

bubblagirl Sun 24-May-09 08:18:34

i use eye q strawberry chews capsules so you could snip these open my ds chews them until juices come out then spits the chewy surround out and as they are strawberry flavored there quite pleasant

you have to have around 6 a day for 12 weeks then 2 a day i believe

he didnt like the syrups as they tasted like flavored fish the only ones he will have is the strawberry chews

sarah293 Sun 24-May-09 08:25:29

Message withdrawn

Barmymummy Sun 24-May-09 08:26:57

6 a day??? shock Do you have to spread them out or can you give them in 1 go?

bubblagirl Sun 24-May-09 08:29:19

spread them out lol not at once 2, 3x a day

bubblagirl Sun 24-May-09 08:29:56

but i did see the difference in around 2 weeks big difference it gets in system so much quicker

Barmymummy Sun 24-May-09 10:28:46

What differences did you see out of interest? Thanks for all your replies,xx

bubblagirl Sun 24-May-09 10:47:38

his ability to concentrate, he calmed down less frustrated, seemed to learn quicker its hard to explain it just seemed to have a good outcome with him he just was able to handle things better there for able to take more in

frustratedmom Sun 24-May-09 17:28:09

We had similar success with fish oil but can not get him to take anymore. We found it just slowed him down just enough to give him time to think. It works because the oils are needed for the brain to function (chemical processes - very technical and boring grin.

We went from temper tantrums with major destruction to no destruction and almost no temper at all. Don't get me wrong he still got cross it was just much less. He was a nice person to be around and allowed us to deal with the behaviour issues - the effect of that can still be felt even though can't get it into him anymore.

alibo Sun 24-May-09 19:16:56

Hi Barmymummy, my ds takes Eskimo Kids, tutti frutti flavour; you can order this online. I can give you the website details if you want to try it. The flavour is ok, but ds didn't like the "oily" texture. So i gave it him sucessfully mixed up in a strawberry or raspberry yoghurt or fromage frais. He didn't comment that it tasted different, but i had to make sure it was really mixed in well, and eaten straight away! wink He is on lactulose at the moment also, so i takes it mixed in with that, as that kind of disguises that immediate oiliness.

alibo Sun 24-May-09 19:21:21

Sorry that should be "so he takes it mixed in with that"...

bubblagirl Wed 27-May-09 13:21:19

found these

magso Wed 27-May-09 13:32:28

Ds prefers his eskimo oil chilled ( well its stored in the fridge).

Barmymummy Wed 27-May-09 14:06:05

Bugger! Just been to Boots and bought some EqeQ syrup (as expected he doesn't like it!!) and some EyeQ strawberry chews. He is reluctantly taking the chews (esp if bribery is used grin) and my daughter likes the syrup so luckily I should be able to get away with them til the packet runs it. At 6 per day it won't be long!

Will def give the smooth ones a try, thanks bubblagirl! XXX

bubblagirl Wed 27-May-09 14:19:23

its always a case of trial and error i found ebay cheaper for mine i got 360 chews for 21 pound delivered cheaper than one pot of 180 in shop

bubblagirl Wed 27-May-09 14:21:58


Barmymummy Wed 27-May-09 14:48:11

Thanks! Have got it on 'watch' x

bubblagirl Wed 27-May-09 14:49:56

more here

bubblagirl Wed 27-May-09 14:50:52

its 14.99 for 30 in boots

sc13 Thu 28-May-09 11:35:25

BBgirl, I have bought the strawberry eyeQ thingies today. But I have no idea how I'm going to get 6 of them a day into DS - brute force? Hypnosis? Would hypnosis work on a child with ASD?

bubblagirl Thu 28-May-09 13:22:10

lol on ebay they are selling them really cheap at moment if you need to re stock as long as they chew them and the juices come out they can spit the shell of it out

i always said come for your strawberry sweeties and then stood hands open waiting for the flying shell lol

i just made it routine breakfast lunch and dinner

smallwhitecat Thu 28-May-09 17:00:35

Message withdrawn

bubblagirl Thu 28-May-09 17:03:45

further up i have a link for eye q smoothe age is from 2

sc13 Fri 29-May-09 11:27:07

BBgirl, I tried to give DS the strawberry eyeq tablets this morning. He gave me the kind of look that Snow White might have given the wicked stepmother when she offered her the poisoned apple (had Snow White been smarter). "It is only 7.30 am, I haven't done anything particularly noteworthy and you offer me sweets - why? What's the catch? I don't trust you" which, translated into DS-ese, came out as 'no'. Aargh. What do I do now? Try again? Send you the tablets so at least someone makes use of them?

silverfrog Fri 29-May-09 11:30:51

when i first started supplementing dd1, I used a medicine syringe (like you get with Calpol etc) only I used a 10ml one, as she had so much stuff all mixed up...

Anyway, dd1, odd child that she is, thought this was a game, and willingly took the stuff.

She will now take fish oils off a spoon shock - standard, Nordic naturals Lemon flavour oil.

Am well aware that this could change tomorrow, but the syringes really worked for us (we had had to use them for dd1 before, when she stopped drinking, so she was used to having to take what was in them, tbh) - we would play around squirting water into her mouth etc, and she quite enjoyed that.

maybe worth a try?

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