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DD told me she loved me......................FUNNY!

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anniebear Thu 05-May-05 21:24:19

My conversation with Ellie (aged 3) in our bed at 5am this morning:-

Ellie "I love you Mummy"

Me "I love you to"

Ellie "You are a smelly monkey Mummy"!!!!

What a special moment!!!! lol.

I had to laugh, she is very behind with her speech and at times not easy to understand, but Smelly Monkey comes out so clear!!!!!

only problem is she shouts goodbye and thank you to the person serving me at a shop. Now she shouts "Thank you Smelly"

I am sure it is going to get worse!!!

darlingbud Thu 05-May-05 21:45:03

LOL anniebear - it will get worse believe me. The rude words always seem to be the clearest!!

Stinky bum is a favourite in our house at the moment (dd only 2 BTW)

monica2 Thu 05-May-05 21:49:58

Ah bless her that is so sweet (and funny)

I am mummy wobble botty!

Thomcat Fri 06-May-05 00:26:18


I got to my mums tonight and her and my mum came to the door and Lottie tried to shut it again and said 'bye bye mummy'! Nice! Obviously not reay to go home yet. Actually come to think about it I was 15 minutes early, LOL!

JakB Fri 06-May-05 07:42:36


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