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Poo, poo everywhere!

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JakB Wed 04-May-05 19:35:29

DD keeps 'losing' her nappy and emptying its contents and eating and smearing it everywhere. It's just happened again tonight and is becoming a regular occurrence. She's as happy as a pig in shit- literally- but then I am tiring of scrubbing excrement off the carpets/walls etc.
Any solutions?!!!!

WigWamBam Wed 04-May-05 19:36:29

Is she pulling her nappy off or undoing it? If she's undoing it, you could try putting it on backwards.

maddiemo Wed 04-May-05 19:39:58

Would she let you tape it on?

Could she wear tights, ones with a high waist band? You could try putting her in a sleep suit type thing indoors. Think Disney store do big tigger etc types.

Dingle Wed 04-May-05 19:40:55

dd has a great habit of waking up at about 5am, really not wanting to be in a wet nappy (understandable) and getting herself undressed and throwing the soggy nappy over the safety gate into the hall.
It's then a made dash to sit her on the toilet before she does anything!

Having the nappy on back to front, does hinder her, she also finds it more difficult to pull the puull ups, up and down!

Fio2 Wed 04-May-05 19:41:09

god its the smell when they rub it into walls bleurgh

sorry many sympathies, my dd has runs again, i am not happy!

baka Wed 04-May-05 19:55:25

ds1 did this a bit (luckily never got really into it). does she poo at predictable times so you can give extra supervision? or is it an early morning/super fast thing?

RnB Wed 04-May-05 19:57:45

Message withdrawn

SleepyJess Wed 04-May-05 20:07:10

We (Dh & I) so idenitify with this. We had just started getting free nappies (because DS had just turned 4) but he could get out of them. They seemed to fit him ok.. but getting the size bigger solved the problem.

Re at night.. we had that problem so many times. Nothing worse that waking up to that is there..? It used to really upset me.. especially as he would eat it too! We now buy 'high rise' sleep garments and he NEVER wears anything else to bed! We buy them mainly from La Redoute and Gap and believe me.. we have done GLOBAL searches for summer and winter all in one sleep wear in 'big boy' sizes. La Redoute are great.. they do some types up to about age 12.. and Vertbaudet sometimes have them too. He even has some little all in one summer sleep suits - which aren't sleep suits really I don't think.. but top part is sleeveless and the legs are like shorts...and they are great.

((hugs)) I know how hard this is. Recently I have felt as though I have spent the last five years of my life up to my elbows in sh*t.. with no end in sight! EVERY morning begins with us waking up to the foul stench of poo permeating the whole house, as he always lets rip in the mornings.. but at least it's always all contained in his nappy since we got the sleepsuits sorted. Could do with waking up without that really though, when all around me, other people's children become toilet trained.

SJ x

pixel Wed 04-May-05 20:22:49

Jak, my ds has just started doing this too, it's revolting! Trouble is he's nowhere near understanding toilet training but is a master escape artist. I went to great lengths this winter to get him one-piece sleepsuits, only to find him stark naked and the suit lying there still zipped up to the neck!

Let me know if you find the cure!!

onlyjoking9329 Wed 04-May-05 20:28:13

oh i so know this one having been throu it with all three of mine in the end it became more about changing the habbit they had got into we did this by puting then in cycle shorts with a leotard on top, that stopped them, once they were out of the habbit we just went back to pj's
good luck

Dingle Wed 04-May-05 20:39:38

I mentioned this to a mum of an older child with DS. She said that things go so bad with her dd, she used to sew her into her sleepsuit every night!

I am sitting here laughing! I really don't know why. I am becoming so drained, so far I have lucky, and dd's nappies have only been wet ones, but I am finding that I am waking up at 4am in the morning. I suppose mentally I am trying to be ready for dd when she wakes up!

JakB, is your dd doing this throughout the day, or only at certain times?

monica2 Wed 04-May-05 21:58:19

Sorry your having such a shitty time JakB! Do you think she is making a protest to DH about that bloody carpet!! Think SleepyJess has this one covered. Seriously though if you need any help with clearing it up I'm an excellent scrubber! (as you know)

Davros Wed 04-May-05 22:07:43

All scrubbers in Brighton I've heard
JakB, our mutual friend LM, has this problem, esp with the eating issue. She has O in BIG sleepsuits and boiler suits. We had a couple of years of this, it is so crushing and relentless. We had to change to laminate too! DS was toilet trained and we used to leave a potty in his room but when he got bored he'd empty it on the floor, wee and poo, and slide around in it, laaarvly! I thought it would never end.

eidsvold Thu 05-May-05 01:53:49

swap you a poo, poo for a puke puke.....
(bad taste attempt at a joke) Have a pukey dd1 - was a bit moany in the night now puking everywhere... not fun - trying to keep her away from dd2 as well as little friend I was minding for a couple of hours!!

I feel for you - dd1 tries to whip her own nappy off when you are changing her... luckily so far dh and I have been quicker - but can see her doing the rest as well...... she tipped a coffee cup up the other day and swam through the dregs - am sure if it came to it - poo bath would be fine in her books.

any solutions I may have I think have all been suggested - pull ups, sleep suits like old man long johns with the bum flap so she can't get into the front to undo the nappy, tights, tape on the nappy and so on.

Davros Thu 05-May-05 07:12:17

ROFL at swimming through the coffee dregs!

eidsvold Thu 05-May-05 09:07:51

a lovely breastroke - she climbed on the table -

and a taste of the cold coffee ( thank goodness for decaf) and then tipped it up to swim through ... one positive - it was out on the back deck - so dregs went through the timber decking and onto the concrete below and were washed away by rain!!

JakB Thu 05-May-05 19:27:09

Thanks so much for all your FAB advice!
Will look into sleepsuits and think DD's new 'free' nappies may be the problem. It's since she had those this has been happening more...
Anyway, a pooescaping-free day today... (so far)

JakB Thu 05-May-05 19:27:39

ps RnB, nowhere near toilet training. Davros, how did you get there with your DS?

SleepyJess Thu 05-May-05 21:36:07

JakB are they Libero nappies made by Tena? If so, try a size bigger than you think she needs. DS age nearly 5 is now wearing Junior (which are 15-30 kg!).. and we have not had one single problem.

And LeRedoute and def. tops for sleepsuits.

Can I just say to you guys.. all this may sound amusing-ish... and we are all bravely chatting about it with humour.. but when this problem was at it's worst, I was at my wits end! We had to throw a whole carpet out because DS ruined it with poo.. and it's DS1's bedroom as well!! And I felt so alone.. like nobody else could possibly have this disgusting problem! And yet here is this thread.. on a mainsteam parenting site.. if I could have read this 18 months ago I would have cried tears of relief about merely not being alone!!!

Anyway.. nuff said.. off to watch Peter Snow..

SJ x

motherinferior Thu 05-May-05 21:50:06

JakB, there's also the tape option. I'd go for that brown parcel stuff, myself.

With scissors somewhere to hand when you need to get it off, obviously.

JakB Fri 06-May-05 07:44:00

SleepJess, I know, as much as I make light of it, it is soul destroying. I just can't see a day when DD will be toilet trained, either. Very depressing. Her carpet is totally written off as is the lounge (but then that needed changing anyway). She's in pull-ups and I think I'm going to have to get the nappies.

Davros Fri 06-May-05 10:12:23

Yes it is awful. That smell wafting into your nostrils as you stir of a morning, having cleaned up for an hour the night before
JakB, its so long since we toilet trained its hard to rememeber but basically did it with our home prog. Lots of potties around, some scheduled visits, visual sequence and "toilet" card for requesting. The good thing was that DS found using the toilet quite reinforcing and his persistent stim of dropping/pouring/sprinkling etc actually helped. We had lots of phases of sticking hands in toilet, stimming with sink, bum sniffing etc . I would say the whole process took a year from day one to not thinking about him wearing a pull up to go out. We then had the over generalisation and weeing in the street, caught him once pulling his trousers down and lining up to the buckets of flowers in Budgens! If you do signing or not, one sign really worth having is "toilet" as it is so spontaneous out and about. Don't know if any of that helps, as I said on the other thread, its all very well knowing the theory inside out but getting it to happen is very hard. Having a team of people working on it is what really did it for us and being at home at the time too.
I am dead against the ideas of telling them off if they have an accident and I have heard someone (doing ABA/VB!) pulling wet pants up and down 10 times which I think is shocking and, apart from anything else, ineffective.

maddiemo Fri 06-May-05 10:42:39

I would also say don't use a potty as this can confuse the issue. My ds was terrified of the potty and just used to scream and throw it.
We went straight onto the loo and used minimal language "Wee wees toilet". Ds was non verbal at the time with limited comprehension. We never told him off for accidents as he would never have understood. We also started at the start of the six week holiday as I did not have to worry about school runs.

Like Davros, we had a problem with generalsiing. My ds associated wee with running water. We were at a park and could not find a loo, he would not go on the ground and ran into a canal where he relieved himself in fron of a canal boat full of a boat full of daytrippers.

KarenThirl Fri 06-May-05 11:56:06

Sorry, I haven't read all of this because it's not something I've had problems with, but maddiemo's last post strikes a chord particularly now that J has a provisional dx of AS.

J was a nightmare to toilet train, even though we left it fairly late. He refused to use potties, would hold on (both ends) all day then get hysterical when he could hold it in no longer and inevitably have accidents on the floor. Eventually we gave up on potties and he went straight to the toilet instead, but even so he'd wee on the floor, bath panel, even on me several times although he knew where he was meant to do it. He'd even laugh while he was doing it. Interestingly, he was dry in the night long before he managed it during the day, and it seemed to us that he was fighting against it rather than having poor control.

This is just making me wonder - could that have been an AS indicator all those years ago?

Davros Fri 06-May-05 13:38:46

Obviously the potty thing depends on the child and on the house. We found having lots of potties around and using the toilet as well was very effective and meant that he could get to one quickly wherever he was in the house. If the child doesn't like the potty then of course its best to go straight to the toilet, in fact that is better if you can do it. We didn't have a problem going from one to the other and mixing and matching and we had various exciting colours and shapes, oh and if you do use potties, get ones with lids!!

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