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Need some reassurance

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jules39 Wed 04-May-05 13:14:15

Hello all, I have'nt posted on here for a while now, anyway just wondered if there was anyone who has been through a similar experience with their child and what the outcome was.

My dd is 4 and has global developmetal delay, speech and language problems, and has a lot of obsessive traits. She has recently suffered 3 seizures in the last 5 weeks we are now awaiting an eeg at GOSH at the end of the month. Two of these seizures were with no temperature so we're still unsure what is causing this.

Cannot help but feel really worried, as it just seems that dd is suffering one thing after another. She has been tested for a number of things in the past as to why she is around 18/2 yrs behind with her development, all proved negative. She does a lot of odd things like collecting and hoarding her toys, and always has to have more than one of everything, she finds it very difficult to interact with other children, and seems to find being in adult company more satisfying. SHe has a thing about buttons and zips, and any spot of dirt she has on her clothes sends her into havinga tantrum.

If there are any mums out there who have had or are going through a similar experience please drop me a line.

Pages Wed 04-May-05 21:35:40

Hi Jules39

Not much knowledge of the obsessive traits, sorry, but my DS aged 2.7 has GDD with no DX either and did suffer from seizures in early infancy though has now grown out of them. Just wanted to say hi and bump you up really, and to let you know you are not alone (definitely not). Hopefully some of the other mums can help a bit more with the obsessive behaviour.

Davros Wed 04-May-05 21:38:59

Obsessive behaviour can be a way of having some control over things. That may seem a bit advanced but it may not be something conscious.

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