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Cute Pragmatics!!!

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TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 22:04:07

Alex made me smile again tonight.....

I was talking to him in the kitchen and DH interrupted us(and sain something irrelevent to what alex and i were talking about!)

As DH walked away alex whispered

nOW....MY UNDERSTANDING OF THIS IS THAT HE MEANS 'INTERUPTING' very reluctantly i explained what he should say.... i say reluctantly often i prefer these quirky little things the boys come up with.

now on the ASD track... THAT would 'fit' ...he is 6 in 3 weeks....and this phrase joins the host of others ...which seem to be increasing as he gets older...whereas 'normally' as a child's speech matures..then i'd think they'd stop .

also...have noticed alot recently that he will often check maybe 5 mins after something was said that 'we were joking' etc....example being that tomorrow we are going to the park 'as a family' and DH said that 'Mummy wants to go on the swings'......then 20 mins later when alex was getting in bed...he asked "dad was joking wasn't he?"...i asked what about.....and he said about the swings.....

( really is a JOKE me on the swings!!!) point is here that he often 'checks' back things he hears.

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 22:08:24

Awww! MrsF! That is sooo cute. Both me and dh are sitting here saying "Awww!" We also agree that it sounds like exactly the kind of thing our ds1 would say.

TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 22:19:25

thing that struck me about this phrase is that it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO visual....and what do they say about our AS kiddies??????

monica2 Sun 01-May-05 22:23:04

Mrs F he sounds a real sweetie, my dh often interrupts but then talks for that long about his subject that we have all forgotten what we were talking about! My dd did come home from school about a story someone had told her about her friend who had "laughed her head off" at a joke, but then dd kindly pointed out that the girls head hadn't fallen off because she saw her in assembly and it was still on!

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 22:23:53

Yep. It's what ds1 does when he's trying to find a way of describing something that's slightly abstract - turn it into something visual.

TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 22:24:04

DH is moaning about the weather report...... in that he hates the way they tell you what the weather has been like all day...he says it's pointless...irrelavent....only interested about the 'future' weather!!!!

Thought of you CT the other day when they showed that new plane on it's maiden flights....i was in the kitchen and heard the headline

"the A380 has landed".....and i immediately got confused as for a second or 2 i was thinking they meant a raod called "The A380"!!!!!

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 22:24:53

LOL Monica!

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 22:26:38

MrsF! I was just thinking the same thing as I read that!

<cue: Twilight Zone theme tune>

TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 22:28:20

were u watching the weather too????

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 22:31:38

I meant when I read your post about the road/plane just then, MrsF. Though actually I do agree with the pointlessness of showing what the morning's weather was like. WE'VE ALREADY EXPERIENCED IT!!! Ooops! Do I sound like Victor yet?

TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 22:39:42

so you were thinking what i was thinking aboout that plane?????

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 22:43:52


TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 22:55:58

NOw THAT IS SOOOOO spooky!!!!

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 22:58:55

We're obviously far too much alike, MrsF. I was actually thinking of you yesterday when I was in Stationery Box looking for box-files and a storage box to stick my paper clutter in.

TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 23:01:15

I am so sad that i shan't be able to meet u this week.....i just hope that we manage it at the end of may!!!

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 23:04:04

Fingers crossed, MrsF. The more I hear about the Forgetful family the more I want to meet you all - especially you of course, my clone.

TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 23:08:50

I think i'll phone u this week ....not as good as meeting u face to face.......i will email u to check best time etc!

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 23:10:47

Yippeee! I'll look out for that e-mail.

jmb1964 Sun 01-May-05 23:11:21

Great, I like the idea of words bumping - did he by any chance learn to read using 'crashing'? And roads landing, whatever next?
I'm beginning to wonder about our ds2 - I'm pretty sure he's NT, but he's VERY verbal, like ds1 was, and already knows all his letters at just 3. So we were doing the alphabet jigsaw and he wanted a full explanation of X-ray. Since then he has been going round trying to find bones (not easy on his mother !) and pointing out his own to anyone who's interested. Then yesterday he was peeling his banana.. 'this is called the banana skin isn't it Mummy?' 'yes' 'So where are its BONES then?' Love it, have been smiling about it all weekend. Can't help feeling even if he does turn out at all AS, it won't be anywhere near as hard as it was in the early days with ds1, because we will know what we're dealing with

TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 23:11:35

night night!!!

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 23:16:21

Night, MrsF.

Awww, jmb! He sounds like a real little cutie. Ds1 used to ask us "Can you take the sleeves of mine banana?"

TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 23:17:28 true!

As u know ds1 and 2 are AS and i am so sure ds3 is too....people just think i'm mad to 'ant' him to be AS ...but they just don't get it.

This past 2 weeks i have been using 'stategies' with him....have been far i just wait to be heard!!! Hoping to get a referral soon???

TheRealMrsF Sun 01-May-05 23:21:19

tom used to say 'SOME-D-BODY' instead of 'somebody'....and 'exercises' were 'MOOKASIZES'...alex called strawberries 'SHIBBY SHIBBIES'...and leigh called Thomas "Papyse"....yet called his 'favourite blue engine' ..."thomas" with no probs!!!

I love these 'words'....and i guess the difference with AS etc is that it carries may remember me posting recentkly that tom called the 'self raising flour'....AUTO RAISING....he's 11!!!

Eulalia Mon 02-May-05 18:16:30

Not been on here in ages.... thanks that made me laugh

TheRealMrsF Tue 03-May-05 21:29:04

Hi Eulalia....nice to know you are still around!!! I'm still smiling about what alex said!!!

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