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trying to recruit therapists for ABA programme for ds ....

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smallwhitecat Wed 06-May-09 13:48:57

Message withdrawn

sickofsocalledexperts Wed 06-May-09 13:54:41

I have bent over backwards to get and keep good therapists, including now looking after their kids while they do the therapy with mine. Would your DH would be looking after him, or would he sit in the room with therapy going on, either helping/joining in or watching a DVD or playing by himself? Actually, interraction with another kid as part of therapy is no bad thing , as long as it's only in the hols. The other option is to up the fee by the amount she'd have to pay for childcare, which is what some people do?

Davros Wed 06-May-09 13:55:11

Hmmmm, I think if you really like her, she's a reasonable price and, let's face it, you may be desperate, then its worth a go. Can you tell her about your reservations up front and have some "rules", e.g. her child won't be allowed to interrupt her and a trial period? Definitely worth asking your Supervisor but you should go with your own instinct, its easy to forget that tutors etc have not run programs although they may have worked on many iyswim. How have you been trying to recruit? I did a fulltime home prog for 4 years and had lots of ideas and ways to recruit, usually resulting in one person who then HAD to be the right person! Have you got contact with any other local ABA families as you could share resources or at least support each other? HTH

smallwhitecat Wed 06-May-09 14:12:19

Message withdrawn

Davros Wed 06-May-09 14:33:25

It sounds like you're doing plenty. Do you have what I used to call our "advert"? I got quite expert at writing those over the years! I still have lots on file if you need any help. If you're trying Gumtree and any local colleges/courses then those are the most likely to bear fruit. Sometimes networking with other families can be great if they are open and want to support and share and at other times awful if they want to keep anything/one good to themselves and try to take advantage - I've had both, mostly the former TG.

smallwhitecat Wed 06-May-09 14:49:33

Message withdrawn

moondog Wed 06-May-09 15:09:38

Yahoo ABA:UK forum.
Have you tried there as suggested to yuo before?

smallwhitecat Wed 06-May-09 15:12:44

Message withdrawn

moondog Wed 06-May-09 15:15:18

Great,people on there are of good

smallwhitecat Wed 06-May-09 15:24:47

Message withdrawn

Davros Wed 06-May-09 15:54:13

Ideally I would say you need 4 - 3 is not enough and 5 is too many, but it depends on how long sessions are, getting everyone in for team meetings, overlapping with supervisor etc. I say ideally but it isn't always possible of course and you just do the best you can. If you only had 2 people could you split their sessions sometimes by doing your session between theirs? You might find someone who wants to work weekends and you can split and spread the sessions more easily. Definitely join PEACh, you get much better info by being a member rather than just looking at the website.

silverfrog Wed 06-May-09 16:06:23

I am having the same problems at the moment.

Have been searching for a couple of months now, and no luck. Can't believe that there is no one looking for work, so I must just be hopeless at searching!

I believe we're not a million miles away from each other, swc (Surrey), so maybe there is just a real lack of people around here? <mystified>

hope you have some sucess soon.

smallwhitecat Wed 06-May-09 16:27:03

Message withdrawn

silverfrog Wed 06-May-09 16:35:03

Is that SNAP?

we recruited through them last year, and to be fair they did find us an excellent person (we wanted someone who would be able to do ad hoc childcare as well - want it all? me? smile)

Anyway, it took them a good 3 months, but as I say, the person they found was excellent - we only don't have her anymore as we moved alst November. BUT, they did find her through Gumtree, i believe. So shock that they charged us a huge fee and jsut stuck an advert on Gumtree... Still, good money if you can get it, and we paid happily, as I didn't want to do the searching/interviewing etc. Am a bit wiser now, though...

I did think we would have less toruble here in Surrey (we were in the back of beyond before so transport was an issue), but we have found it really hard to find someone.

smallwhitecat Wed 06-May-09 16:55:19

Message withdrawn

Davros Thu 07-May-09 08:34:42

I had a quick thought last night. Are you members of the NAS Surrey Branch? I know you may think they're non ABA and old fashioned etc. But it is a BIG branch with lots going on and you'd be bound to meet other ABA families or make contacts. Just an idea?

smallwhitecat Thu 07-May-09 12:44:50

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 09-May-09 10:06:31

Message withdrawn

Davros Sat 09-May-09 10:09:05

OK, starlight, so ask us!

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 09-May-09 10:19:38

Message withdrawn

Davros Sat 09-May-09 10:31:43

I think you need to make a phone call asking why there is a delay when you were told you would have access to the ASD Advisory Team IN THE INTERIM. I would act dumb and say you don't understand and ask for the help you were told you would get while waiting. I assume that you will be advised to followed, offered and given access to what they have available and whatever approach your SN team practice. Can you find out more about that in the meantime? Can they offer Portage in the meantime? Have you looked at the NAS website, maybe you could apply for an Earlybird course or ask your CDC to give you access to one.
As for other approaches, such as ABA, that can be a whole other world! There are lots of people on MN doing ABA programs, some working with ABA (Moondog) or people like me who have done a program in the past. The problem with me is that my DS is now 13, started on a home ABA program when he was 2.5, then went to TreeHouse ABA school when he was 6 ....... so I am quite out of touch with the ABA community and practice, times have changed! So I'm happy to help but I can only give you limited information, we didn't have ASD teams, multi-disciplinary teams, Behaviour teams etc in my day!

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 09-May-09 11:27:45

Message withdrawn

Davros Sun 10-May-09 10:15:04

Yes, start another thread as you will get more people and more answers. When the HV comes you can ask her about Earlybird and Portage. She should know about them but be prepared in case she doesn't! Quite a few people on MN have been on Earlybird and you may be able to go to one out of your area but that takes organising of course. Portage you can google, it is a home learning program, sometimes done by Surestart I think but could be wrong. Also ask her about what happens while you wait for dx, that you were told you'd have some support in the interim and what happens after. Also ask about Sn nurseries or support in m/s, its never too early.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 10-May-09 10:20:51

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 10-May-09 10:21:52

Message withdrawn

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