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Should I leave dd to it when she gets home from school?

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Blossomhill Sun 01-May-05 12:18:04

Everynight when dd gets in from school she spends at least an hour on the swing talking loudly to herself.
Should I leave her to it or try and discourage the talking to herself?
I know she is relieveing the stress of the day but not sure if I should encourage something that isn't really socially acceptable (talking to herself). Any advice please

Tinker Sun 01-May-05 12:42:00

What's wrong with talking to yourself????????? I still do now at 40. Partner does it, my dad did it, my brother did it, daughter does it. Oh God, you can see a theme here.

Really, really don't think there is a problem *at all in talking to yourself, think it very healthy to externalise your thoughts etc. Believe me, she'll know not to do it in public.

Talking to yourself is meant to be a sign of a high intellect btw

monica2 Sun 01-May-05 13:09:07

It sounds like your dd has come up with her own coping strategy for dealing with the stress at school, I think this is a real positive step and would not worry about it, I am sure with age she will modify her coping strategies. My dd (9 AS) used to explode as soon as she got home from holding it all together at school. We have since got her a huge trampoline which she still needs prompting to use when we can see the triggers!

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 13:19:16

I think I'd leave her to it tbh. It obviously seems to help and it isn't doing any harm. It sounds like a nice relaxing way to relieve the stress IMO.

colditz Sun 01-May-05 13:51:49

I talk to myself a lot when I am stressed. I wander around the house, ranting about what i should have said, and replaying a conversation to see where it all went wrong!

I know it is strange, and when people catch me at it they think I'm nuts, but I don't care. It's a method of stress relief that helps me a lot!

KarenThirl Sun 01-May-05 14:20:15

I'd leave her to it too. J comes home every day from school and has to have some time in his room reading, and if he can't have it he goes ape. She's not doing any harm, is enjoying herself and is relaxing so I'd say let her keep going.

saadia Sun 01-May-05 14:41:55

I would also agree with what everyone else has said. I have no knowledge relating specifically to SN, but I also talk to myself sometimes, and can't really see any harm in it, other than what other people might think.

pepsi Sun 01-May-05 14:47:07

I didnt kmow that talking to yourself is a sign of high intellect. Can you elaborate. Would be great to hear as my ds talks a lot to himself when he is playing, acting out train stories, etc. His teachers had expressed a concern with this. He is by the way seeing the Ed Physch this month, schools concerns are still eye contact, playing alone and making odd noises at inappropriate times.

Blossomhill Sun 01-May-05 18:38:21

Thanks everyone That was my gut instinct and tbh she isn't hurting anyone so why not. i suppose it's better than trashing the house or taking it out on me!!!

sis Sun 01-May-05 19:36:29

Looks like we are a family of intellectuals too!

Saker Sun 01-May-05 21:12:15

She's still little really too. My "NT" ds1 who is almost exactly the same age as your dd talks to himself quite often when playing, drawing and writing. I don't think it's socially unacceptable at that age - I think most people would consider it quite sweet.

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